How to send a mass message on Facebook

Would you like to contact thousands of people per day by messenger? I will show you a super tool to Send Mass Messages on Facebook.

You don’t have a budget for advertising on Facebook Ads to deliver your message. So the first thing marketers do is to send direct messages to qualified prospects. That is what you certainly thought and that is why you are here on this page, aren’t you?

This can take a long time to do it manually. So you are searching for some automation robot to do the job at your place. This kind of robot is very rare because Facebook can detect them and then update their algorithm to block this kind of robot or they simply block your account.

But let’s say you found the perfect tool, after 20-30 messages, Facebook identifies you as a spammer and it will send you a warning message after to deactivate temporarily your capacity to send direct messages.

So How to send thousands of messages to Facebook users without being blocked?

1. The first thing to do is to use an old Facebook account

If you create several fake Facebook accounts in order to scale your mass-messaging campaign, Facebook will remove your new accounts freshly created if it sees you are sending a lot of messages.

For a few years, Facebook and other platforms are hardly fighting against fake accounts. When you create a new Facebook account, Facebook is putting your new account in some kind of “box”. Let’s call it the “Suspicious Account” box. Facebook will study the behavior of your account to see if it is a robot or someone who tries to spam or promote massively something.

2. The infiltration period [For new account]

So I am very sorry to inform you about this rule. I know it can be painful to hear that you will have to wait at least 3 months before to mass message from your new account. And things are not so easy. You don’t have to create a fake account and wait 3 months, you have to create a fake account and make it look like a normal human behavior by publishing some posts, liking some posts of other users, commenting, etc…. Let’s call this period of time the “Infiltration”! As a spy or a cop undercover, you need to make think Facebook that you are a real human person with good intentions for Facebook.

So you will have to complete as much as possible the profiles of your fake Facebook accounts (profile picture, bio, studies, city, date of birth, etc…).

3. Get a list of targeted people on Facebook

You previously prepared the account(s) which will send the messages. You need now to get a list of targeted potential clients who will receive your message. The purpose of this article is not to explain to you what is a buyer persona. We will consider you know already who are your potential clients. On Facebook, the easiest way to find them is in groups.

Mass messaging facebook group members

It exists millions of Facebook groups where thousands of people are members. So you need first to make a list of groups on your thematic. The idea will be to send messages to the members of these groups.

4. The Daily limit of sending messages

Facebook will allow any Facebook account to send around 20-30 direct messages maximum to people. I think only Marc Zuckerberg and other managers can send more. So the only way to raise the number of daily messages is to use several Facebook accounts.

Facebook spam messaging

To be the most discreet possible, let’s say you will send 20 messages maximum per day. If your goal is to send 1000 messages per day to 1000 people, you’ll need 50 Facebook accounts.

5. The riskiest, the most expensive and the most complicated way to automate the mass message

Before explaining to you the best way to automate the mass messaging on Facebook, we will explain to you the actual most common way Growth hackers are using.

You can use software that you install on a windows server or cloud-based. Because you can’t automate 50 fake Facebook accounts from the same computer with the same IP (it would look suspicious), you have to use some proxies or VPS. That is why this method can be costly if you plan to scale your automation with 50 Facebook accounts. You can use 1 proxy for 3 Facebook accounts. That means you will have to pay for approximately 17 proxies if you plan to automate 50 accounts. Don’t even think about using free proxies as they are blacklisted by Facebook.

This method can be also difficult for “non-technical” marketers because you need to configure software for 50 accounts with 17 proxies. Not everyone is able to do that.

And the most important point is the risk to be blocked or the productivity of replying to your leads. Imagine you succeed to configure your software for 50 accounts with 17 proxies or VPS. Then you manage to send 1000 messages per day to Facebook group members. You will have for sure some replies from these users. A lot of them will request you more information regarding your message or they will start the discussion.

How would you reply in this particular case? Well, you’ll not have other choices than to log in to your VPS or/and then your software, and then the appropriate Facebook accounts in order to reply from the same IP and same computer which were used to send the message. You can read more about this problem in our article “The Future of Social Networks Automation“. It is not really productive and efficient to reply to your leads with this kind of method.

6. The safest, the most efficient and cheapest way to mass message on Facebook

The best way to mass message on Facebook is to use our robot “PhoneBot“. Again, we strongly recommend you to read our article to understand why it is the safest, cheapest, and most efficient method. Once you read it, everything will be more clear for you.

7. Configure PhoneBot to Send Mass Messages on Facebook

We will consider you read our Manual Guide, installed PhoneBot on your computer and you have your Android smartphones connected to your computer (maximum 10. We will see further how to automate more than 10 Facebook accounts).

Then you need to log in to your account on PhoneBot and go to the configuration page of your bot.

You have first to select the number of smartphones connected to your computer (between 1 and 10).

facebook mass messaging choose number of smartphones

Then you have to fill the Identification Number fields of each smartphone. PhoneBot needs to know which automation tasks to run on which smartphone.

udid number of smartphone for social media automation

Then you have to activate Facebook automation (for each smartphone) by checking the box and fill your Facebook username (for each smartphone).

Facebook automation mass messaging

PhoneBot doesn’t need your social account credentials because they are already memorized on your smartphone. When PhoneBot will launch the Facebook Application on your smartphone, the App will be already logged in with your account. But PhoneBot needs to know what is your Facebook username in order to be sure it will do the correct tasks for the appropriate account.

Then at the bottom of the Facebook form, you need to check the box “Send message to users”. It will show a new Textarea field where you’ll have to add your message. This is the option to Send Mass Messages on Facebook

send bulk message to Facebook non firends

Then you write your message in the textarea field. PhoneBot gives you some “placeholders” to create automatically various messages. The purpose of these placeholders is to send a unique message to each member in order to avoid being identified as a Spam Message.

Spammers copy-paste the exact same message to people. If we can make unique every single message, we will be more discreet.

message to be sent to Facebook users

Regarding these placeholders, everything is explained in the configuration page and in our Manual Guide.

And then, you finally add the list of names of Facebook groups you like to target. PhoneBot will go on the list of members of these groups and send individually your message to every single member of each group. PhoneBot will send mass messages on Facebook group members.

list of names of Facebook groups

For every single smartphone connected to your computer you need:

  • To fill the ID number of smartphone
  • To fill the Facebook username logged in in the Facebook app of the smartphone
  • To activate the Facebook task,
  • To activate the “Send message” task,
  • To write your message,
  • To add the list of names of Facebook groups.

Once you’ve done that, you can save by clicking on the “Save” button below the form and you’ll be ready to run PhoneBot.

To start PhoneBot automation, you simply double click on the program “PhoneBot.exe”. You’ll be free to go on holiday, for a party, to a restaurant or to sleep. PhoneBot ‘ll take care of everything. Each smartphone connected to your computer will go on the list of members of every group and send your message to every member of these groups.

To be the less suspicious possible, PhoneBot will send a few messages per hour and will never send more than 20 messages per day. This is the rule N°1 if you don’t want to see your Facebook accounts blocked.

So if you connect 10 smartphones X 20 messages, you’ll be able to send 200 messages per day with our “Gold” license.

8. How to scale PhoneBot? How to send these 1 000 messages per day to Facebook users?

There are 2 possibilities to raise the number of messages sent per day.

Solution A: You buy other PhoneBot licenses

We said before you need 50 accounts to send 1 000 messages per day. Our Gold license allows you to connect 10 smartphones. That means you can automate 10 Facebook accounts. So you need to buy 5 Gold licenses to reach this number of 50 Facebook accounts. That means you will need 5 computers as you can’t connect more than 10 smartphones per computer.

Solution B: You develop an affiliate network

If you create an affiliate program for your products or services, you will work with affiliates. You can propose them to invest in a PhoneBot Bronze license (for 1 smartphone) in order to automate their work; or you can decide to pay for them these licenses.

Imagine you succeed to hire 100 affiliates who are automating the mass messaging task in order to promote your business. You could grow your activity very quickly.

Conclusion of this tool to Send Mass Messages on Facebook

After 20 years of growth hacking, we didn’t find the fastest and cheapest way to grow your acquisition than PhoneBot. It is the most effective robot in the world. The only way to be convinced is to try it for free.

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How to Send Mass Messages on Facebook
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