Affiliate Program

PhoneBot affiliation program
Feel free to contact us by mail or by phone if you have any questions:
Email: contact@phonebot.co
Phone: +33 7 67 37 17 15 (Whatsapp, Telegram)
  • Tracking Link

    You'll get your own affiliate link to track your activity

  • Custom Coupon Code

    You'll offer a -50% Discount Voucher to potential client in order to close the deal

  • Personal Dashboard

    You'll have a complete view of your activity volume & commission

  • Various Payment method

    We can pay you by Bank transfer, Cheque, Western Union and MoneyGram

Join our affiliate program and earn 100% commission on each successful sale you refer or new customer signup. Apply today and start earning! (Already registered as affiliate, please login here)


FAQ Affiliate

PhoneBot sells 3 licenses: Bronze, Silver, and Gold. You'll earn 100% of the monthly payment for the first month only.
Le's show some examples.

Example :
After 1 month of promotion, you get :
10 clients for Bronze licenses.
5 clients for Silver licenses.
And 5 clients for Gold licenses.

As you offer a -50% code to these clients in order to close the deal, you will earn as a result:
10 Bronze X 38€ X 50% (discount) X 100% commission
+ 5 Silver X 198€ X 50% (discount) X 100% commission
+ 5 Gold X 334€ X 50% (discount) X 100% commission
+ 445€
+ 835€
TOTAL = 1 470€ for 1 month.
No, you don't. A simple person can promote PhoneBot.co and earn recurring commissions on sales. It is up to you to declare your income to the administration of your country.
You get paid every 1rst day of each month. If the 1rst day of a month is a weekend, we will send your money on the next opening Monday.
We can send your money by cheque, bank transfer, Western Union or Moneygram. You'll have to send us a simple invoice as we need to justify any outcome to our authority.
Yes, there is. Each time we send money to an affiliate, it costs money. So, unfortunately, it will not be profitable for us to send you an amount lower than 25$. You need to have more than 25$ of commissions to receive your money. If you earn less, your money is not lost. It will be cumulated with your commissions for next month.
Once you are registered as an affiliate, you'll get access to your personal dashboard where all your activity is published.
Once you registered as an affiliate, you will be able to login to your Affiliate dashboard where you will find your affiliate link.
This link is important as it contains a tracking code which allows our system to track your sales and pay your commissions.

But we have another super tool to promote PhoneBot => A -50% discount coupon code.
We will create a custom coupon code for you to offer to people. They will get -50% discount on any plans they purchase if they use your coupon.
As your coupon is unique and it will be yours, our system will be able to track your sales done with this coupon.
We think it is an easy way to promote PhoneBot and close the deal with a super coupon code of -50% discount, isn't it?

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