This article will explain very underground stuff about Marketing Automation and particularly Social Networks Automation. If you don’t understand why you should automate your marketing, please leave this article.

Why is Marketing Automation so underground? Because it is all about how to « marketingly hack » the most powerful companies on earth: Google, Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, or any other platform which are hardly fighting against this kind of automation marketing tools.

I am a Growth Hacker expert. My friends were very often asking for my help in digital marketing. I’ve seen a huge demand for internet marketing services and courses. So I decided to sell the best solution: Growth Hacking.

I developed my own community and join this fantastic growth hacking community. For selling my courses, I needed to develop my reputation. So I was trying to help for free some entrepreneurs on social networks. Then I saw growth hackers were asking always the same questions:

  • How to scrap contact details in Linkedin, Facebook, or others?
  • How to automate messaging on Facebook, Instagram, or Linkedin?
  • How to auto follow/unfollow on Twitter and Instagram?
  • How to mass share content on Facebook groups?
  • etc…

Almost Always the same questions for the same platforms: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram. Almost each single growth hacker I meet was searching for how to automate social networks?

So I was inviting people to try tools like Jarvee, Phantombuster, Linkedhelper, and others…But then happened an earthquake in the growth hacking world!

Facebook removed 600 000 millions of fake accounts in 2018 (source Bloomberg: ) and they upgraded their « antibot » algorithm. Linkedin did the same. Instagram and other platforms followed this trend.

It became super difficult to automate some stuff on social networks. A lot of users of Phantombuster, Jarvee, and others get their social accounts banned! This is painful!

Linkedhelper, the addon which automates Linkedin was also blocked by Linkedin.

In summary, this “witch hunt” makes a growth hacker’s life more difficult. More and more “Robot detection” software appears on the market and a lot of companies are using them. The most famous are Datadome, Netacea, Akamai, and Radware from Shieldsquare. Social networks simply don’t want you to learn how to automate social networks! I will explain you why further.

The Problem of the Marketing Automation Tools

It is still possible to automate your social networks, but it is harder, risky, and expensive if you want to scale your automation. Let´s have a look at the most famous tool.

Jarvee Social Media Automation Software

Jarvee is a software you need to install on windows server 2012. It cost 70$/month for 70 social accounts on 8 social media platform. Not bad, isn’t it?

It is full of features that make it super complicated to configure for non-technical people.

Also, you can decide to send 1 message per day or 1000 messages per day, the same for following and other stuff… you are free to do what you want and this freedom brings you a high risk for your social accounts. The result of this freedom is a lot of Jarvee users have seen their social accounts banned.

Jarvee offers the possibility to use some proxies if you have a lot of accounts. 

How does this work? I know a lot of you already understand this proxy technology, but I would like to focus on the vulnerability of this method.

If you automate 70 social accounts from the same computer. It will look suspicious that the same computer with the same IP is used by 70 different people!

A proxy is a server that plays the middle man between you and the social platform. It forward all your request to the social networks and the social network think this machine with this IP is the computer where your social account logged in.

Marketing automation proxy

So if you want to automate your social networks in a smart way, you’ll need 1 proxy per social accounts, at a maximum of 1 proxy for 3 social accounts. This creates some costs. Don’t dream to use free proxy as they are all blacklisted by the platforms and these free proxies are not reliable.

But let’s say you have the budget. You believe in scaling your automation. Let’s say that you have a dedicated computer with windows server 2012 installed. Let’ say you have the technical skills to configure Jarvee. Let’s say you have the experience to choose the correct parameters to avoid being banned. You’ll have to face another issue! What happened when some potential clients react to your automated social activity. Imagine you manage to send 300 messages per day through your proxies and fake social accounts and 10 peoples replied to you? 10 people answered you:  “yes, I am interested in your product!”.
What you gonna do? 

Well, one of the first mistakes I did was to reply from my iPhone where my fake account on Jarvee was also set up.

Marketing automation mistake

You know what happened: Facebook blocks my account! Why? Because everyday this account was connecting through my proxy located in Canada Toronto. And then, suddenly, This account showed up from Dunkerque France 5 minutes after have sent a message from Toronto Canada. This is very weird because impossible! You need something like 10hours to fly from Toronto to Paris! How can you send a message at 9 am from Toronto and reply to someone 5 minutes later from Dunkerque!?

So in this particular case, you need to open a window in Jarvee, log in manually and reply to the message from your proxy or vps. If you have 70 accounts on 8 social networks receiving hundreds of messages per day, it becomes a nightmare to handle all these activities in a super discreet Ninja way!

And the worst is you don’t have any other choice! I am pretty sure some of you guys know exactly what I am talking about.

So Jarvee is an amazing tool, but you need super technical high skills and a great experience to scale your automation. And these problems I just described are exactly the same for similar tools which you install on the local computer and using proxies.

If you reply to your leads, you need to reply from the exact same IP and computer or it will look suspicious.

Phantombuster Social Networks Automation SAAS Software

So let’s see another tool: Phantombuster!

A super cool tool. This one is a cloud-based software. You don’t need to install anything! There is also Captain Data and many other tools like this. So it looks better because of no need to install it on a windows 2012 server. But this cloud technology is more expensive, and it has the exact same issues as Jarvee.

You need some technical skills. It is even worst than Jarvee as you need to inspect your browser for copying pasting the hash of your cookies in the Phantombuster form. Even if their tutorial is well done… it is not easy for a non-technical entrepreneur.

If you decide to automate some social accounts with Phantombuster, the automation will take place from the Phantombuster servers located in the USA. So you get the same

problem I explained previously. Yes you can use some proxies, but it doesn’t fix the main issue.

And if you want to scale your automation at the same level as Jarvee, it will cost you a fortune: 30$/month for 1 automation.

If you plan to seriously growth hack your business with automation through Phantombuster, it will cost you 900$ per month for 40 automation tasks running in total 60 hours maximum per day!

900$/month with the risk to make your accounts banned by social platform and so without the possibility to reply to the potential clients your automation was in contact with! It exists always solutions, but it is difficult for non-technical marketers or small business entrepreneurs.

Linkedhelper Chrome Addon Linkedin Automation Tool

So we saw a software solution installable on the local Windows 12 server. It was Jarvee. We saw a cloud solution with Phantombuster. We have other kinds of tools: Browser Addons.

You can install an addon on your browser (Chrome or Firefox) which will take control of your browser in order to automate your social accounts. This is a cool solution less risky than the others, but it is detectable. Linkedhelper was a fantastic tool that I used a lot for Linkedin automation. But Linkedin caught it. They can detect your linked helper bot and block it. That means that any automation bot using an add-on can be detected by Linkedin, and so by Facebook and all the other social networks. So this addon technology can be detected and so it doesn’t fix our main issue: “To be undetectable”!

Also to scale automation with these kinds of tools, you need VPS. So again it has a high cost and it needs technical skills. Also it is not convenient when you want to answer your leads as you need to log in in each VPS to reply.

I’ve told you as an introduction to this event that automation became harder! And it will always be harder because social networks are fighting very hard against the automation robot. 

Why are they fighting? I guess you know why. But in case some of you don’t know, it is because people who are using these kinds of robots don’t need to spend so much in Advertising for promoting their business.

Advertising Is More Expensive

On the other side, people like us, entrepreneurs, marketers, growth hackers have to face the raising of advertising costs. As you all know, Facebook Ads and all the other Advertising solutions of social networks are based on some kind of auction. The more people want to advertise, the more expensive it is to advertise.

You can see above on this chart the evolution of the FB advertising. And as all these social networks are growing, becoming more popular, it costs more and more expensive to promote your business on these platforms.

Big companies can afford this cost whereas startuppers, growth hackers, entrepreneurs of small businesses can’t. That is why they implement growth hacking technics in their strategy. Automation is one of the Growth Hacking tactics. It allows them to avoid spending too much money on Ads. That is why social networks simply don’t want you to learn how to automate social networks!

Daily Limit of the Platforms

social networks daily limits in automation

Even if by chance it could exist a cheap tool without all the inconveniences I just explained previously …. the social networks will always limit your actions. You can use any technology you want, you will never be able to send more than 20-30 messages per day on Facebook or Instagram.

The only way to send more messages is to use several accounts.

But as we saw just before, automate several accounts on several social networks needs technical skills, experience, money and it is not convenient to reply to your leads when they get hooked.

Now I have a question for you:

Imagine now a simple cheap and user-friendly tool that can send hundreds of messages per day, scrap hundreds of emails per day, and follow hundreds of people per day when you’re sleeping, with the possibility of replying directly to users without any complicated process; all these without any proxies! with the possibility to scale it by multiplying by the numbers of accounts without any risk to get banned. Would you buy it?

Because that’s exactly what we built! And now it is time to introduce you to our amazing solution! It represents 6 months of work, 10 000 lines of code! Huge work for us, but it all worth it! It is a new generation of bots! It is the Super bot!

The Best Solution in Social Networks Automation

Now you understood what is the trick! It is to automate your smartphone.

With a smartphone, you reduce the capacity of a social network to detect your automation. Why?


  • 1rst: Platforms are listening to your smartphone. If Facebook sees you are using a smartphone… Facebook doesn’t think so much you are using a robot. 
  • The prove of that is you don’t have captcha on smartphone applications. Because they know you can purchase an automation software running on your computer, not on your smartphone.
  • 2nd: you don’t need to use a proxy as the smartphone is identified as a unique device. So you can reply to the lead from your smartphone without any risk. You don’t need to login to your VPS, then login to your software, then login to the specific social account in order to reply to the leads who asked you for more information when you mass message them.
  • 3rd: if you mix your own human behavior with an automation behavior. The platform will doubt. If during the day you use Facebook in a normal way, as you do everyday… and during the night… you automate… Facebook will doubt about your automation. They will not understand. It is some kind of hybrid behavior which makes the bot more undetectable.

How Did We Get this Idea?

This idea came to us when we saw these click farms in China. We thought “That is cool! That must be less detectable!”

The Pitch

You are searching for leads but you don’t have a budget, so you start contacting potential clients on social networks. 

This takes too much time, and platforms limit your actions!

Why not try, 1st marketing bot for smartphones.

While you are sleeping PhoneBot will mass message individuals for you, follow/unfollow and scrap contact details on Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram, and many more!

Everyday you will wake up with numerous demands from qualified prospects. is a machine that will make you earn money every single day and night!

The majority of you paid between 500 and 1,200 $ for your smartphone. You pay your telecom subscription around 20-40$/ month. So why not make your smartphones work while you sleep?

Maybe You have salespeople in your team to whom you pay smartphones with telephone plans, why not make these smartphones and these plans work at night?

We created Phonebot which is a software you need to install on your pc and which will take control of your smartphone or several smartphones to automate countless marketing tasks: send messages, follow / unFollow, like, share, send SMS, scraping contact details of qualified prospects, etc.

While you sleep, Phonebot will develop your visibility on the Web and contact hundreds, thousands, hundreds of thousands, maybe millions of people automatically. And according to your business model and your acquisition strategy, you will wake up every morning with tons of requests from qualified prospects, checkbook in hand, even orders payments maybe.

Phonebot has unlimited functionality, it means it can automate all applications, meetup, slack, twitter, google map, any app.

Phonebot has unlimited capacities, you know that platforms will limit your daily actions, Phonebot is extremely cheap to scale since it is working on your computer. You don’t need to pay the cloud resources, you don’t need a dedicated windows 12 server.

And finally icing on the cake…. it is undetectable! No account blocking, no shadow ban.

How Does PhoneBot Exceed these Limits?

Whatever technology you will use, social networks will limit your quantity of tasks.

For example on Facebook, after have sent around 20 messages… FB will send you a warning if you send too much message… the same for Instagram, Linkedin, twitter, telegram… and all the other…

So the idea is to automate several smartphones…. easy.

PhoneBot can automate thousand of smartphones but it needs super-powerful computers. That is why we limit it to 10 smartphones maximum.

How to Scale Automation with PhoneBot?

10 smartphones with 10 fake accounts will help you to scale. But if you are ambitious, it will start to be a bit complicated and expensive to use PhoneBot with hundreds or thousands of smartphones. You’ll have to purchase android smartphones, to create fake accounts, to buy the PhoneBot license, the computer resources to run so many smartphones, etc… So what is the trick to scaling like hell your automation strategy with PhoneBot?

Think out of the box! PhoneBot is super user-friendly as it doesn’t need technical skills to run automation. It doesn’t need a powerful server or a lot of budgets! So the idea is to develop a big affiliate network where each affiliate will be invited to use PhoneBot to easily growth his activity!

Imagine you succeed to convince hundreds of affiliates to use PhoneBot from their home. They will use their own social accounts, their own devices, their own internet connections… Social networks will never caught your personal social accounts and your company would be able to contact thousands of potential customers every single day! This is amazing, isn’t it?

Let’s stop the theories and go for practice right now. You can get 2 weeks free trial of our super robot PhoneBot. Why not enjoy it? It is free!

If you plan to purchase it after your trial period, don’t forget to search for your -50% discount coupon code. You just need to ask for it on Twitter or Facebook groups dedicated to digital marketing.

Before to install and run our super robot, we strongly recommend you to read the doc.

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