Create Your Message on PhoneBot from Scratch

The messages are an essential part of your campaign. As we know how enthousiast you are to start sending thousands of messages per day, we want to take some minutes to explain the customization of the messages from scratch. This article will cover the whole process of creation of your message.

1. The Message Series

The PhoneBot technology supports two kinds of messages: text and voice. However, certain platforms, like TikTok, only allow text messages. If in a given task, the chosen platform doesn’t support voice messages, you won’t see the option available.

Defining a series type is important. Each series is composed of four messages (text or voice). It means you can write up to four messages. PhoneBot offers you two strategies to send your messages:

  • If you wish to start a conversation with the user, breaking off the process when getting a reply is the way to go. In such a case, choose the first option (until the user replies). The process will immediately cease when the user answers, and PhoneBot won’t send the pending messages. 
  • If your goal is to deliver content to the recipients of your messages, select the second option (without interruption). In this case, the process won’t stop whether the users reply or not.

If you wish to send just one message, simply fill in the first text field. You can leave the others as they are. If you want to send two, fill in the first two text fields, and so on and so forth.

If you are missing some ideas to write your messages, take a look at the suggested resources.

2. The Message Text field

The text message option is the default choice. Just type in your message in the box.

Our placeholders help you create a variety of messages without much effort. Sending the same message to every single recipient would be ineffective, not to mention that it may trigger the spam alert. That’s why we recommend using our placeholders to give PhoneBot some interesting choices. 

Personalizing your message with a greeting followed by the first name of the recipient is much better than just sending a cold “Hi”.

  • {firstname} will be replaced by the recipient’s first name.
  • {random_abc:wordA|wordB|wordC} requires two or three choices. PhoneBot will randomly pick one of them to create the phrase.

3. The Voice Message

If you prefer sending a voice message, you will have to provide PhoneBot a URL leading to a Google drive that contains your MP3 file. When creating said file, you will have to respect one single rule: start talking ten seconds after the launch of the registration. This will guarantee that not a single piece of your audio is lost due to loading issues.

4. The Delay

When you prepare a series of messages, it is reasonable to set some pauses between each message. PhoneBot gives you the possibility to fix the duration of each pause. In the Delay field, you can choose whether to make a pause of a few hours, days, weeks or even months. It is your call.

5. AB Testing

PhoneBot proposes one of the features Growth hackers love the most: AB testing. No, you didn’t get it wrong. If you wish, you can do an AB testing with 2 series of different messages, so as to identify which copywriting is the most effective.

To enable the AB testing mode, just click the Test B checkbox.

PhoneBot will then ask you if you want to duplicate the messages from TEST A on TEST B, in order to do things faster. From that moment on, all you need to do is edit the B messages.

6. Do Not Waste Time

Since creating messages for each task is a time-consuming activity, PhoneBot gives you the possibility to duplicate your messages for all your Cold Messaging tasks. Just click on the yellow button and the messages created for the corresponding task will be duplicated in all the others. No need to create a new message or copy-paste the same over and over. PhoneBot knows what you need.


Nothing is as easy as customizing your messages on PhoneBot. Now that you have reached the end of the tutorial, don’t wait any longer and start creating your messages. Your company’s growth is in your hands.