Run Your Tasks on the Software

Executing your tasks is as important as configuring them. This tutorial will explain from the beginning how to run one or all the tasks in your campaign using the PhoneBot software. We assume you have successfully configured all the tasks of your campaign on your dashboard. Fasten your seat belt, and enjoy the ride.

1. Activate PhoneBot and Connect Your Smartphone(s)

To execute your taks, you must have already activated your PhoneBot account. It means you are in possession of a licence key, and you have already installed all the programs the PhoneBot software requires to be launched. It also means you have managed to synchronize one or several smartphones with the software.

If you are having issues with the PhoneBot software or any of the steps involving its installation and execution, please refer to our complete guide.

2. Run Your Campaign

To execute all the tasks in a campaign, go to the first tab. Select the right campaign (if you have created more than one), and the device (you can select both your computer and smartphone). Certain tasks are only available for computers, while others only work on smartphones. Make sure to check this information in the configuration page of each task. For computers, do not forget to choose the browser.

Once you have defined a campaign and device, execute your campaign by clicking on the Run button. You can pause the campaign execution at any time by clicking on Stop.

3. Run One Task

To run a single task in a campaign, go to the Run One Task tab.

Just as before, select the right campaign. Then choose a device (only one), and the browser. All the tasks in the selected campaign will be displayed. To run a task, just click on it. 

If the task is not highlighted, it means it hasn’t been enabled. To activate it, just go back to your dashboard and enable the task at the top of the configuration page. Restart the PhoneBot software, and the task will be in colour.

For instance, in the image above the Reddit Message Group Admins task is enabled. To run it, just click on it.

4. Retrieve Your Results

To access the data of all the tasks of a campaign, just click on the See Report/Synchronise button on the PhoneBot software.

You will land on a page where all the results are sorted by categories and tasks. Here you can download your results as CSV files. 

You can either download them individually for each task, or all of them at once.

Another way to access the results is the Campaigns page on your dashboard. Just click on Results, and you will land on the aforementioned page.


Executing your tasks has no secrets for you anymore. Now that you know how to correctly run your campaign, launch the PhoneBot software, and start working on your company’s fast growth.