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Is PhoneBot safe for my social accounts and my computer?

Yes, PhoneBot is unequivocally safe, and here’s why:

  1. Official Registered Company : We are the company Centre de Formation France registered and located in France under the SIRET Nº 83170943100025. We are real, we pay taxes and we are not hiddem behind a  username. 
  2. No Credential Requests: PhoneBot never requests your social media credentials. It does not store any passwords or personal information. Even in the unlikely event of a system breach, your sensitive data remains secure as it is stored solely on your devices.

  3. Minimal Risk: PhoneBot is not a server running on your computer. It is a lightweight program that efficiently automates tasks on your smartphone. In essence, PhoneBot does not create vulnerabilities or open doors to potential attacks.

Is there a risk to be banned by social networks?

There is always a risk to be banned by social networks and our company wouldn’t be responsible if something happens to your social accounts. But PhoneBot limits the number of daily actions in order to avoid any banishment, whereas our competitors don’t limit anything and raise the risk for you to be banned.

Does PhoneBot work on iPhone?

No, it doesn’t. PhoneBot can work only on Android smartphones. We are planning to develop a version for iPhone smartphones in the future.

Does it work on IOS/Mac?

No, it doesn’t. It works only on Windows for the moment.

Does it work on an emulator?

No, it doesn’t. It works only on real smartphones Android devices.

Do we need SIM cards?

No, you don’t need SIM cards if you don’t need phone number. For example, WhatsApp will ask to verify your account by SMS. So in this case, you will need a SIM card. But if you plan to auto-follow or send messages on Instagram, you simply need a Wifi connection. In this second case, you don’t need SIM cards.

What are the payment methods?

You can subscribe to PhoneBot with your credit card . We use the famous secure payment platform Stripe.
We can accept cheque, either cash, either Western union, either Binance.

Is there any comitment?

Not at all! You pay for a 1-year license. You are free to renew or not your subscription next year.

How can I get support?

If you have any issues installing or running PhoneBot, you are not alone. Feel free to contact us anytime you want if you have any issues:

How many smartphones can I plug?

You can plug between 1 and 10 smartphones with 1 license on 1 computer. It depends on the plan you subscribed. Have a look on our pricing page for more details.

Can I install PhoneBot on several computers?

Each computer where you’d like to install PhoneBot will need 1 license. For instance, you can install PhoneBot on 3 computers, but you will need 3 different licenses. You can’t install PhoneBot on 3 computers with 1 single license.

What is the minimum configuration required to run PhoneBot on my computer?

You need a computer with Windows 10 at least or Mac OSX.

You need 4Go of Ram minimum for normal usage.

The more powerful will be your computer, the faster PhoneBot will execute the tasks.

How do I get my refund?

Our refund policy is very clear: You need to attend our Zoom.us meeting, install PhoneBot, configure and run your first campaign before requesting a refund.

Do you have any affiliation program?

Yes, we do. Any user in our system is automatically registered as an affiliate. You can access to your affiliate account in the bottom of our homepage or by clicking to this link below: https://phonebot.co/affiliate-account/