In this tutorial, you will learn how to Scrape Instagram emails to get the contact details of the followers of your competitors or/and influencers.

Scrape Instagram emails and Get Information from Account Followers

Instagram is one of the most popular social networks in the world with over 1 billion monthly active users. You will certainly be able to find tons of potential clients on Instagram. 

If you don’t have a marketing budget to promote your products or services on this platform, you’ll have no other choice than to grow your Instagram account by publishing high-quality content using the proper hashtags. But this method is very slow and you must be aiming at faster growth.

What About Contacting the Followers of Your Competitors or Influencers?

This will also take time, as you will have to manually contact them one by one. Moreover, Instagram will not allow you to send more than 20 messages per day (approximately). So we can Scrape Instagram emails to contact them outside of Instagram.

The solution would then be to scrape their emails in automation and mass contact them. If you could find a tool that will scrape all the emails of Instagram users who are potentially interested in your products, you could mass email them to promote your business. And this is exactly what we will tackle in this article.

PhoneBot can scrape the email from the email button on Instagram profiles on the application. That’s it, the email from the email button on Instagram profiles on the Instagram application. We are not talking about the emails published in the bio. PhoneBot is the only tool able to do that. You will see how easy and fast it is to run an automated scraping tool of Instagram emails with PhoneBot.Before going any further, we suggest you read this post “The Future of Social Networks Automation” which will explain in detail why PhoneBot is the new generation of Automation Marketing Tool.

1. Prepare a List of Competitors and/or Influencers

To start, you need to look on Instagram for the accounts of your competitors or influencers of your niche. You’re aiming at increasing your client base, therefore you need to find out where your potential customers are hanging out. Who else would be more interested in your product than the followers of your competitors or the influencers of your niche?

We assume you know who your competitors are. However, if you’re a newbie in the digital world, we suggest you do a Google search with the keywords of your activity. That way, you will find the blogs or Google ads of your competitors.

As for influencers, we recommend taking a look at platforms such as Talkwalker or Buzzsumo. Its analytics will provide you with a list of influencers based on specific keywords. For instance, if your business produces coffee grains, you may enter “coffee” in the Buzzsumo search tool and get these results.

Once you have found the targeted accounts, follow them to be able to contact their followers. Then copy and paste their URLs into a Google spreadsheet. Keep this document close, as PhoneBot will need it to execute your task.

2. Configure Your PhoneBot to Scrape Data of Account Followers on Instagram

2.1 Download and Install PhoneBot on Your Computer

There is a guide that explains step-by-step how to install it and a video knowledge base that describes the process from scratch. Our community forum, and live chat are at your disposal to help you whenever necessary. You can also contact us by WhatsApp or phone at +33767371715, or by email at

2.2 Configure the “Scrape Instagram Account Followers’ Data” Task on PhoneBot

Once you have downloaded, installed, and correctly activated the PhoneBot software on your computer, you need to create a campaign and configure the desired task.

Create a new campaign

You can pick any name you want. Remember that a campaign is composed of one or several tasks.

Name your campaign

  • Then choose the desired task. In this case, select “Instagram Followers of Accounts” under Scraping.

scrape instagram emails

Another way to access the task is by using the left menu. There you will find all the tasks sorted by categories and platforms.

scrape Instagram emails

Make sure to choose the right task. If you accidentally click on the wrong one, you can unselect it at any time.

scrape Instagram Emails


There are two different methods to provide your targets.

The easiest and fastest way consists of a Google spreadsheet containing a list of keywords related to your niche. Just copy and paste the URL of the spreadsheet in the corresponding field. PhoneBot will then search for Instagram accounts with your keywords. Moreover, you can filter the targeted accounts by the number of followers. Keep in mind that the more followers an account has, the more potential leads you could gain.

The most accurate way is the one we covered before. That is to say, a Google spreadsheet with the URLs of the targeted Instagram accounts. Just copy and paste the URL of the aforementioned spreadsheet in the corresponding field. In this case, you don’t need to specify a minimum number of followers.


Once you’ve pasted the Google spreadsheet URL, do not forget to save your configuration and enable your task.

Then, enable your campaign on the Campaigns page.

Enable Campaign


The scraped data can be downloaded as a CSV (comma-separated value) file once the task has been executed.

scrape Instagram emails

For further details on data exporting, keep on reading.

3. Run PhoneBot to Scrape Data of Account Followers on Instagram

To execute the campaigns, you need to use the PhoneBot software already installed on your computer.

You can run your tasks from any of the first two tabs of the PhoneBot software (see image below). The first tab enables you to execute your whole campaign, which is to say, all the tasks configured in a particular campaign; whereas the second tab allows you to execute one specific task from a campaign. Make sure to choose the right campaign and the desired device. Then just click on “Run”.

Run Campaign

For further and more detailed information on the campaign and task execution, please refer to this detailed tutorial.

4. Export Your Results

Once the task has been executed, you can retrieve all the information of the followers of the targeted Instagram accounts. To do so, just go to the Campaigns page on your dashboard and click on “See results” for the particular campaign.

You will land on a page where the results are sorted by categories (Cold Messaging, Influencers, Scraping, Authority, Freelancer) and tasks. Look for the right category (Scraping) and task (Instagram Followers of Accounts). Then just click on CSV to download your file.

Scrape Instagram emails

You can also export your results from the PhoneBot software. To do so, just launch PhoneBot and click on the “See Report/Synchronize” button, below the Run section.

This will open on your browser the results page displayed above. Look for the category and the task, and click on CSV.


Currently, there aren’t other tools capable of scraping the emails of Instagram users from the email button. Why is PhoneBot so particular? You can only get the email from the button through the Instagram smartphone application, and PhoneBot is the only Marketing Robot that automates the smartphone application.

We can help you to Scrape Instagram emails. Feel free to contact us.

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