How to exceed the limit of search results on Linkedin? How to display more than 1000 results on the LinkedIn search results?

Linkedin is a company that makes money by selling Premium accounts and Advertising solutions. To register on Linkedin is free but you will have some limitations compared to a Premium account. For example, the number of search results. Linkedin shows you a maximum of 1000 results with a free account. If you want to exceed this limit, you need to pay for a premium account. 

As professional growth hackers, we decide to offer you the possibility to break this limit without a premium account; and we integrate this hack in our fantastic Marketing Automation Robot: PhoneBot! 🙂

What Is the Hack to Exceed the Limit of 1000 Results on LinkedIn?

We improve the old hack which consists of going through Google search results. Growth hackers were searching for Linkedin profiles on Google search engine as Google used to display more than 1000 profiles for free in its search results. You simply had to type in Google this kind of request:

Ceo Los Angeles

And Google was showing you all the LinkedIn CEO profiles in Los Angeles.

It was a good time for growth hackers, but Google is now also limiting the number of results. Google may show you 100 000 results, but It will never let you go over the 15th or 16th page of results. You don’t believe me? Try it yourself. 

How Did We Do to Exceed this Limit?

We simply segment the search by first names. In addition to the previous request, we add the first name of the request. Instead of having 100 000 results, we just get a few hundred and we are able to collect all the URL profiles. Then we simply need to repeat this operation for many first names and we get finally all the results without being limited by Google or Linkedin.

You may think: « that is a super long process as there are so many first names in the world ». True! But don’t forget PhoneBot is a robot which will do automatically this job for you. And as there is a huge probability that American CEOs have some English first names, French CEOs have some French first names and Spanish CEOs have some Spanish first names… PhoneBot will add only the first names of the language you choose. That is why you need to add keyword, location, and language in the Linkedin configuration page of your PhoneBot.