How to mass follow people on Twitter

In this article, you will learn how to use our Twitter Auto follow tool.

Did you know that 25% of the people you follow will follow you back? This is a psychological trick used by so many growth hackers to grow very fast their social accounts like Twitter or Instagram.

How to get 10 000 followers in 1 month? Follow 40 000 people and you will get 25% of them following you back (10K). Easy, isn’t it? Not so easy as Twitter (or Instagram) will not let you follow thousands of people every day. There are daily limits on these platforms. I recommend you to read “The Future of Social Networks Automation” in order to understand better how to automate social networks.

Also, you need to know that there is a limit to the number of people you can follow. On Twitter. Obviously it is around 1819 accounts. So that means you will have sometimes to unfollow some Twitter accounts in order to continue to grow your number of followers with this technic.

Now that you know the trick, you understand you will go faster if you can automate this task of following people. It exists many software able to auto-follow people on Twitter. In this article, I will introduce you to the most sophisticated and the most undetectable robot in the world: PhoneBot.

Before we see how to mass auto-follow Twitter accounts with PhoneBot, you need to know who will you follow? If you sell Yoga classes, It is useless to follow people interested in Computers IT stuff. Your goal is to grow your Twitter account of people corresponding to your buyer persona. Why would you get 10 000 followers passionated of Military Weapons if your niche is about plants!?

So the next question is where to find potential clients interested in your niche? You can find these people by simply clicking on the list of followers of influencers or competitors. If your product is an SEO SAAS software, you could be interested in the followers of Neil Patel. If you start up a new Fast Food restaurant franchise, you could follow the followers of Mac Donald, Kind Burger, and Quick. 

Now that you get the strategy and the theory for using our twitter auto follow tool, let’s do the practice.

1. Prepare a list of Twitter accounts of influencers and/or Competitors

Open Twitter and make a search by keywords or hashtags and filter by “people” in order to display a list of influencers or competitors.

Find influencers for twitter auto follow

The problem with this method is you don’t see the numbers of followers of these accounts shown in the results list. So you will have to open each account and check if they have big list of followers.

To go faster in this process, I recommend you to use tools like Talkwalker or Buzzsumo. They will provide you a list of influencers based on specific keywords you will type in their tool.

find competitors for twitter auto follow

Then you need to go to their Twitter account and copy-paste their username in a text or spreadsheet document.  The twitter account is the account with @ shown under the picture of the twitter account on the profile page.

Twitter username

PAY ATTENTION! :  You have to remove the ”@” when you will paste it in your PhoneBot configuration page.

As a result, you should have a list of a few Twitter accounts (without the “@”) in a text file (use notepad) corresponding to the influencers of your niche or your direct competitors. We will copy-paste this list in the configuration form of your PhoneBot.

2. Configure PhoneBot for Twitter Auto Follow feature

We will consider you read our Manual Guide, installed PhoneBot on your computer and you have your Android smartphones connected to your computer (maximum 10. We will see further how to automate more than 10 Facebook accounts).

Then you need to log in to your account on PhoneBot and go to the configuration page of your bot.

You have first to select the number of smartphones connected to your computer (between 1 and 10).

facebook mass messaging choose number of smartphones

Then you have to fill the Identification Number fields of each smartphone. PhoneBot needs to know which automation tasks to run on which smartphone.

udid number of smartphone for social media automation

Then you have to activate Twitter automation (for each smartphone connected to your PC) by checking the box and fill your Twitter username (for each smartphone). Please open the screenshot (on the configuration page) to be sure to type the correct Twitter username.

Enable twitter auto follow feature

Then you have to check the box “Follow the followers of some Twitter accounts”. A textarea will show up where you’ll have to copy-paste your list of influencers/competitors.

Follow the followers of your competitors on Twitter

Go a bit down in the form and you’ll see the textarea “ List of Twitter usernames for following their followers” where you’ll add your list of influencers/competitors.

list of twitter accounts

PhoneBot will go on the list of followers of these accounts and follow them in automation. This is the most undetectable twitter auto follow tool as it uses Smartphone automation.

Then click on the « Save changes » button at the bottom in order to save the configuration of your PhoneBot.

save your settings for twitter auto follow

4. Run PhoneBot with Twitter auto follow task

Everything is now ready for auto-follow Twitter users. Before running PhoneBot, be sure you plug your smartphone on your computer with a USB cable (don’t forget to enable ‘Developer options’ and then activate ‘USB debugging’. See this video tutorial).

To verify that PhoneBot will see your smartphone, open your terminal (type cmd in windows search) and type this command (for Android smartphone only):

adb devices -l

If you see something on the list of smartphones connected, it is good. You can run PhoneBot. If you don’t see anything or you see your phone with the word ‘unauthorized’, there is something wrong with the connection between your computer and your smartphone.

See your Android smartphone connected to your computer

If you accept to create a shortcut on your desktop during the PhoneBot installation, you make a right-click on it and run as administrator. If there isn’t a shortcut, you need to go to the installation folder of your PhoneBot and right-click on PhoneBot.exe and run as administrator.

run PhoneBot as administrator

PhoneBot will go to the configuration details of your bot to know which tasks it needs to automate and then run the automation on your smartphone.


You can go now on holidays or execute some other tasks, PhoneBot will take care of growing your Twitter account. The best way to use PhoneBot is during the night as you may need your smartphone during the day; or you can buy a cheap smartphone dedicated to your marketing automation.

We hope our tool will be very useful for your growing your Twitter account. It can do so many other automation tasks in so many social networks. If you still didn’t try, enjoy our 2 weeks period of a free trial (no commitment, no credit card required).

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