How to send bulk messages to Telegram group members?

Telegram is a cloud-based instant messaging and voice over IP service which counts 200 million monthly users, as of March 2018. Maybe you are searching for a Telegram bulk message sender tool? PhoneBot can help you because it has the feature Telegram message sender.

That’s great! But who should you contact and where to find these contacts? Well, it is obvious you should contact people potentially interested in your offer.

Telegram has a group feature that allows users to create and animate a community in a Telegram group. As a group is about a theme, You can use PhoneBot to contact potential clients members of some Telegram groups corresponding to your niche; or to send individual messages to the members of your own group.

PhoneBot will open your Telegram application on your smartphones, go in Telegram groups, tap on the members’ list, and send a message to each user of this list.

So you will have to provide to your PhoneBot:

  • a telegram group names list, 
  • your message

and PhoneBot will take care of the rest by mass sending your message to all the members of all the Telegram groups you will provide. It can be only 1 group if you prefer.

Here is the plan for this tutorial:

  1. Find some telegram groups
  2. Configure your PhoneBot
  3. Run the Telegram mass messaging task
  4. Read the report
  5. Scale your Telegram mass messaging campaign

1. Find some telegram groups

In case you didn’t plan to message all the members of your own telegram group and you decide to contact members of other groups, you have to find some groups in your niche.

The easiest and fastest way to find these groups is to make a Google search. Just type in Google: <your_niche> telegram group

For example: Business telegram group

will give us some results where I found 4 telegram groups which have in total 40 000 members! 😁

Telegram group directory

By searching for telegram groups, we found this Telegram group directory. Open this page and you’ll certainly find at least one group in your niche.

2. Configure your PhoneBot account details before using our Telegram bulk message bot

We will consider you already downloaded and installed PhoneBot on your computer. There are a guide and some video tutorials to help you to install our super marketing automation tool on your computer.

Follow the 3 first videos in this playlist below and then you can set up your Telegram Automation.

Once PhoneBot is installed on your computer and you plug your Android smartphone to the USB plug of your computer, you can start to configure PhoneBot for sending Telegram message to group members.

Login to and go to “Configuration” page

First of all, log in on your PhoneBot account on and go to the menu on the right top corner My Account>Configure My PhoneBot. You’ll be redirected to the configuration page of your PhoneBot.

How many smartphones do you like to automate?

The first thing to do is to select the number of smartphones you connect to your computer.

For each smartphone connected, you need to fill their serial number field. PhoneBot needs to know which smartphone will do which task.

What is the serial number of your smartphone

If you don’t know where to find the serial number of your Android smartphone, you need to go in the settings of your phone and scroll down to tap on “Advanced” then “About Phone”. Here is an animated gif to show you:

Fill your Telegram name

telegram automation

Then you need to fill your Telegram name. PhoneBot will check your name on Telegram in order to get your automation settings for this specific Telegram account. (I said the name, not the username. Please check the screenshot here to understand what I am talking about when I say your “Telegram name”.)

Activate the feature “Send messages”

Then activate the “Sending messages to members of groups” option by checking the box if you want to send bulk messages to Telegram group members.

Once this box is checked, 2 new fields will show up. The 1st one is “List of Telegram groups”. PhoneBot needs a list of names of Telegram groups so as to find their members. It can be only one group if you like to contact the members of your own group.

Please write the Telegram group’s names exactly like they’re displayed on your smartphone Telegram application screen. Otherwise, PhoneBot cannot find these groups! It is case sensitive.

NB: Don’t forget to subscribe to the Telegram groups if you’d like to send bulk messages to their members! Please fill the text area with one group name per line.

Write your Telegram message

Then the 2nd required tab is “Text message to send”. You can use 3 placeholders : {firstname} and {random_abc} :

  • {firstname} will be replaced by the Telegram first name of the user you want to send a mail to. 
  • {group} will be replaced by one of the Telegram group names you added in the previous tab text area.
  • {random_abc} gives you the possibility to create various messages with synonyms. PhoneBot will pickup randomly one of the 2 or 3 texts in order to create different messages and avoid spam filters.

e.g. :

{random_abc:Hi|Hello} {firstname},

I am searching for {random_abc:beta-testers|testers|early-adopters} for my newmarketing software.

{random_abc:Are you interested?|Would you accept to test itr?|Would you like to test?}

NB: Be careful with the placeholder {group}. If you say: “Hi, I found you in the group {group}”, the member may report you to the group admin and you could be kicked out (True story).

Finally don’t forget to save your configuration at the bottom of the form! 

3. Run PhoneBot to mass message people on Telegram

Everything is now ready for mass messaging on Telegram. Before running PhoneBot, be sure you’ve plugged your smartphone on your computer with a USB cable (don’t forget to enable ‘Developer options’ and then activate ‘USB debugging’. Watch this video tutorial below).

To check if PhoneBot can recognize your smartphone, open your terminal (type cmd in windows search) and type this command (for Android smartphone only):

adb devices -l

If you see something on the list of smartphones connected, it is good. You can run PhoneBot. If you can’t see anything or see your phone with the word ‘unauthorized’, there is something wrong with the connection between your computer and your smartphone.

If you accept to create a shortcut on your desktop during PhoneBot installation, make a right-click on it and run it as administrator. If there isn’t any shortcut you need to go to the installation folder of your PhoneBot and right-click on PhoneBot.exe and run as administrator.

PhoneBot will go to the configuration details of your bot to know which tasks it needs to automate LinkedIn and then run the automation on your smartphone.

4. Read the report

You can at any moment look at the activity of your PhoneBot by opening the reporting tool. 

You will be able to filter the view of your activity by dates and smartphones. 

5. Scale your Telegram mass messaging campaign

For the safety of your Telegram account, PhoneBot limits the number of messages sent per day to a maximum of 20/day.

 You may dislike it, and we can understand you. Telegram hates spammer, and we don’t want you to block your own account with our tool. But you are free to use other software which may provoke the banishment of your Telegram account. Or you can use our solution to increase the number of messages sent per day.

There are 2 possibilities to raise the number of messages sent per day :

  1. You buy other PhoneBot licenses: with our Gold License, you can automate 10 smartphones connected on 1 computer. That means you can send 10 X 20 messages = 200 messages/day. To scale, even more, you can buy several Gold licenses to multiply this number. You will need 1 computer per license.
  2. You develop an affiliate network: If you create an affiliate program for your products or services, you can convince your affiliates to try and invest in a PhoneBot. Imagine you manage to hire 100 affiliates who are automating the Telegram mass messaging task in order to promote your own business. You could grow your activity very quickly, couldn’t you ?!


It doesn’t exist many tools to automate the mass messaging in Telegram. We are pretty sure our solution is the best one because it really simulates human behavior. You won’t be banned. The only way to be convinced is to try it for free (no-commitment, no credit card required).

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