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Cold Messaging

  • Facebook Group Members
  • Instagram Followers of accounts
  • Linkedin Search by keywords and city
  • Linkedin Post Likers and Commenters
  • sms List of Phone Numbers
  • Telegram Group Members
  • Whatsapp List of Phone Numbers
  • Websites scraped on Pages Jaunes
  • Websites scraped on YellowPages US
  • Websites scraped on YellowPages UK


  • Facebook Page Admins
  • Facebook Group Admins
  • Instagram Influencers
  • Youtube Influencers


  • Google Map Search by keywords & city
  • Instagram Followers of accounts
  • Leboncoin Ads
  • Linkedin Group Members
  • Linkedin Search by keywords and city
  • Pages Jaunes Search by keywords and city
  • YellowPages US Search by keywords and city
  • YellowPages UK Search by keywords and city


  • Facebook Add Group members as Friends
  • Facebook Share Post in Groups
  • Instagram Random Like
  • Instagram Auto-Follow
  • Instagram Unfollow
  • Linkedin Random Like
  • Linkedin Comment some posts
  • TikTok Random Like
  • Twitter Random Like
  • Twitter Auto-Follow
  • Twitter Unfollow


PhoneBot can automate several devices (Your computer & Smartphones) at the same time.

It can also automate several social accounts on several social media.

For instance, if you automate :

  • your computer and 10 smartphones,
  • and you have 3 accounts on each device,
  • and you automate 4 platforms (Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, and Linkedin),
  • with an average of 20 messages per account and per day, 

you will send (10+1) devices X 3 accounts X 4 platforms X 20 messages = 2 640 messages per day to high qualified buyer personas.

social media automation

User-friendly dashboard

You need to tell to your PhoneBot software what to do, which messages, which target, etc…

We built a minimalist and simple dashboard to easily configure your robot.

We even add a “magic” button to configure several tasks at the same time and make you win a lot of time.

You can download CSV files in order to import your data into your favorite marketing software (i.e.: CRM, Cold Mailing, etc…).

You will have a full report about the activities of your PhoneBot.

2 strategies of cold messaging

2 Strategies of Cold Messaging

In cold messaging tasks, you have 2 options:

  • Or you send a series of messages until a contact replies. In this case, the automation process of sending messages to this contact will stop.
  • Or you send a series of messages without interruption. This is useful for a “Lead Nurturing” strategy when you want to send high-value content. The process of sending messages will not stop if a contact replies.

AB Testing

With the cold messaging tasks, you will have the possibility to create some AB testing. It will help you to identify which series of messages are the most efficient.

Nowadays, this is a common feature in the digital marketing world.

social network automation AB testing
send automatic voice message

Voice Messages

You know some apps have a voice message feature (i.e: Instagram, Linkedin, etc…). PhoneBot can send some pre-registered voice messages for better conversion.

  • You simply need to register your voice message in an mp3 file.
  • You upload it on Google drive
  • Then you copy-paste the link to the corresponding task configuration page.

Easy and Amazing feature, isn’t it!


Free course

To automate a lot of smartphones on a lot of social platforms needs high sophisticated technologies and the correct configuration if you want to succeed.

To be sure and to have the guarantee you will successfully install and run PhoneBot correctly, we will give you free access to our video course.

Also, almost every single task has a dedicated tutorial to explain to you how to configure properly any task you want.

social network automation course
social network automation

Coming Soon...

PhoneBot has been built on a way to integrate quickly and easily new features. Feel free to suggest your favorite task working on any platform you want.

With smartphone automation technology, we can automate anything you like. You simply need to ask for it, and we will build it (please contact us before).


We repeat: PhoneBot is a highly sophisticated social network automation software. It is possible you have issues installing or running PhoneBot. You are not alone. Feel free to contact us anytime you want if you have any issues:

social network automationPhoneBot support

Once you’ll try PhoneBot, your activity will mathematically growth.

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