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How to scrape Linkedin profiles?

In this article, you will learn how to scrap emails and contact details of LinkedIn members. You’ll be able to make grow quickly your list of leads. LinkedIn is one of the most popular business social networks of the world with 310 million monthly active users. You will be certainly able to find tons of potential clients on LinkedIn. 

If you haven’t got a marketing budget to promote your products or services on this platform, you’ll have no other choice to grow your LinkedIn account by publishing high-quality content with correct hashtags. But this technique is very slow and costs a lot of resources. You certainly would like to boost your growth more quickly with a minimum resource. 

Now you surely wonder how to scrape LinkedIn emails and other LinkedIn profile details to feed your CRM or organize some cold mailing campaign. It would take time to do it manually one by one, that is why Growth hackers use some scraping tool to extract the contact details from Linkedin profiles

You are not limited by visiting LinkedIn profiles. if you could find a LinkedIn scraper tool that would scrap all the emails of LinkedIn users who are potentially interested in your products, you would build quickly a list of qualified leads for your sales team or your cold mailing.

In this tutorial, we will explain to you how to configure and run one of the best Marketing Automation Tool which can scrap the email, job, company, website, phone number, twitter username, and more on LinkedIn profiles. This tool is, maybe the best LinkedIn scraper! PhoneBot can do this without using addons, proxies, or VPS. It simulates human behavior through your smartphone(s) and that is why it is undetectable whereas all the others are potentially detectable due to their technology of scraping. You will notice how easy it is to scrap emails and contact details of LinkedIn members with PhoneBot.

Before diving into details and learning “how to scrape emails and contact details of LinkedIn members”, I suggest you read this post “The Future of Social Networks Automation” which will explain to you why PhoneBot is the new generation of Automation Marketing Tool. It is efficient, cheap, scalable, and mainly undetectable.

Here is the plan to scrape LinkedIn profiles with PhoneBot:

  1. Configure your PhoneBot
  2. Enable scraping feature
  3. Tell to the bot which kind of people you like to target
  4. Run the Linkedin scraper
  5. Export the results

We will consider you already installed PhoneBot on your computer and you already prepare your smartphone to run with PhoneBot. It is connected through a USB cable to your computer and it is waiting to receive the instructions from PhoneBot.

If you didn’t install yet PhoneBot, you can try it for free for a period of 2 weeks. There is a guide which explains to you step by step how to install it. There is also a video knowledge base to show and explain to you how to do it. There are also our community forum, the live chat, and VIP ticket support to help you if necessary. To make it even easier for you to get help, you can even contact us by WhatsApp, Telegram or phone: +33767371715.

1. Configure your PhoneBot

First of all, you need to log in to your PhoneBot account on Once you’re logged in, go to the menu on the right top corner My Account>Configure My PhoneBot. You’ll be redirected to the configuration page of your PhoneBot.

My account PhoneBot

You need to select the number of smartphones connected to your computer. You can plug until 10 smartphones on 1 computer!

Then you have to fill the Identification Number field of each smartphone. PhoneBot needs to know which automation tasks to run on which smartphone.

how to know serial number of Android smartphone
 If you don’t know where to find the serial number of your Android smartphone, you need to go in the settings of your phone and scroll down to tap on “Advanced” then “About Phone”. Here is an animated gif to show you.

If you can’t find it, just make a search on Google about “Where is the serial number of my Android X Phone” where X is the version number of your Android. The Google Smartphone OS has different versions and the way to access the serial number of your smartphone can be different depending on the version number of your Android.

2. Enable scraping feature

To scrape Linkedin profiles, you have to activate LinkedIn automation (for each smartphone connected to your PC if you plan to scrape Linkedin with all your smartphones) by checking the box and fill your LinkedIn username (for each smartphone). Please open the screenshot (on the configuration page) to be sure to type the correct LinkedIn username.

Then you need to check the box “Scrap profile details” in order to scrape LinkedIn profile details (job, first name, last name, company, email, website, phone, etc…).

3. Tell to the bot which kind of people you like to target

In order to scrape emails and contact details of LinkedIn members, you need to add a list of keywords, locations, and languages. These parameters will allow you to find your potential partners and leads.

You are the only person who knows your buyer persona and your market. PhoneBot and our team can’t guess which kind of people you would like to target.

As soon as you check the feature “Scrape profile details”, a text area field will show up “List of keywords, location & language”. You have to fill this text area with a list of keyword;location;Language. 

keyword= it can be any keyword, but usually, people type the job as they are searching for particular people inside a company (i.e.: CEO, CFO, Designer, Developer, etc….

location=  the city where people live.

Language= There is a particularity here: you must provide the language speaking of first names. For example, if you add “CEO;Los Angeles; English”, PhoneBot will search in your contacts all the CEOs from Los Angeles with an English speaking first name. Why is this language string necessary? It is to exceed for free the limit of 1000 results displayed by Linkedin. You can know more about this hack here.

So as a result, you should have a list of several lines where each line contains job;city;language separated by semi-column “;”. It should look like this:

CEO;Los Angeles;EnglishCEO;New York;EnglishCEO;Paris;FrenchCEO;Los Angeles;Spanish

Once you get your list you have to add it to PhoneBot. 

Finally don’t forget to save your configuration! 

4. Run PhoneBot to Scrape LinkedIn

Everything is now ready for LinkedIn scraping. Before running PhoneBot, be sure you’ve plugged your smartphone on your computer with a USB cable. 

To run PhoneBot, you simply double click on the shortcut located on your desktop.

The installation program supposed to have created this shortcut. If you don’t see the shortcut, go to this folder in Windows:

C:\Program Files (x86)\PhoneBot-co\

and double click on PhoneBot.exe to run PhoneBot.

If you don’t find this folder, maybe it is on

C:\Program Files\PhoneBot-co\

And in this folder for MAC OS X:

/Users/<your username>/Applications/

When you open PhoneBot on your computer, it will first make a series of checking (your license key, your email, the necessary software, the connected smartphone, etc…). Then it will take control of your smartphone connected by USB to your computer in order to run the automation tasks you configured previously on your configuration page.

As PhoneBot simulate real human behavior, it can take a long time to scrap thousands of profiles. You can have a look at the progress of your PhoneBot in the report tool. This is where you will export your result. We see that right now in the next chapter of this tutorial.

5. Export the result

To export all the contact details of Linkedin members your PhoneBot scrapped, you need to open your reporting tool. You can open it by simply clicking on the button “See report” on the left of PhoneBot:

It will open a page in your browser where you will see on the left, the link “Linkedin”. Click on it in order to display the report of Linkedin activity:

Then on the top-right corner, you should see the link “Download contacts” which will download on your computer a CSV file with all the details of all the LinkedIn people who have been scrapped by your PhoneBot.


So far although there is a tool that can scrape emails and contact details of Linkedin members, these ones are expensive and need technical knowledge to be used. PhoneBot can drastically simplify your LinkedIn automation because PhoneBot is the only Marketing Robot that automates the smartphone application and it’s safe because undetectable!

PhoneBot has other Linkedin features. You can also you can mass messaging and mass connect on Linkedin with PhoneBot.

We hope our tool will be very useful for your business. If you still didn’t try it, enjoy our 2 weeks period of a free trial (no commitment, no credit card required).

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How to scrape Linkedin
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In this tutorial, you will learn how to configure PhoneBot for scraping Linkedin profiles.
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