Would you like to mass message on LinkedIn to contact tons of people per day? We will show you an extraordinary tool that will allow you to mass message your contacts on LinkedIn.

You haven’t got enough budget for advertising on LinkedIn Ads and you can’t deliver your messages. So the first thing marketers do is to send direct messages to qualified leads. It would be great to mass message LinkedIn in automation. That is what you certainly thought and that is why you’re on this page, aren’t you?

This can take a long time to do it manually. So you are searching for some automation robot to do the job at your place. This kind of robot is very rare because LinkedIn can detect them and regularly updates its algorithm to block them or simply blocks your account.

According to the article from octopuscm.io, you can’t do more than 250 actions per day on Linkedin. Many people asked to know the daily limit of sending messages, but no one has the answer. 

By experience, I already configure a robot that was sending 150 messages per day. I didn’t get banned but when I subscribed for a premium account in order to exceed the limit of 1000 results, Linkedin didn’t let me display more than 1000 results because they knew I was using a robot. They caught me without blocking my account. That’s why we recommend you to send a maximum of 75 messages per day in order to stay discreet.

If you exceed this limit, LinkedIn identifies you as a spammer and it may send you a warning message after to deactivate temporarily your capacity to send direct messages. So how to send thousands of messages to LinkedIn users without being blocked?

You just need one or several Linkedin accounts and a super tool to automate the task without being caught.

In this tutorial, we’ll explain to you how to configure and run our tool PhoneBot.

If you never installed it, try it for free for a period of 2 weeks. You’ll find here all the video tutorials and here a guide to help you to install it on your computer.

We will consider you already installed PhoneBot and we will go directly to the configuration of the Linkedin mass messaging feature. Here is the plan to follow:

  1. The Linkedin accounts
  2. Make Linkedin connections 
  3. Exceed the 1000 limit results 
  4. Configure your LinkedIn mass messaging task
  5. Enable USB debug mode of your smartphone 
  6. Run PhoneBot
  7. Scale your Linkedin mass messaging campaign
  8. How to scale PhoneBot and to send these 750 messages per day to LinkedIn users?

1.The LinkedIn Accounts

It is obvious that you need one Linkedin account. But it needs to be an old account. If you create a fresh new account for a mass message on Linkedin, you’ll have to go slowly. We recommend you to use your new Linkedin on a normal way for a period of a few weeks at least.

Complete all the fields of your profile, upload a picture. You can use Buffer or Hootsuite to schedule the publishing of some posts. Like, comment and share other people’s posts. Make some connections and send some messages if you want, but by small quantities. 

As PhoneBot will automate your smartphone, you can also buy some cheap sim card with a mobile phone number to verify your account by SMS. Linkedin will believe more on the reality of your account.

Your new profile needs to behave like a normal human being. After a few weeks, you’ll be able to start your mass-messaging campaign with PhoneBot.

2. Make LinkedIn Connections 

Before mass messaging contacts on LinkedIn, you need first to make connections with people in order to be able to send them messages.

Lucky you, PhoneBot is also able to automate this task. We advise you to read our article: How to mass connect with LinkedIn members.

Once you’ve increased your number of contacts, you’ll be able to mass message them.

3. Exceed the 1000 Limit Results 

As you may know, free Linkedin accounts are limited in the number of search results. This number is 1000. So you won’t be able to contact more than 1000 people corresponding to your criteria.

For example, if you search for CFO in New York, it exists more than 66 000 CFO from New York registered on Linkedin. Your free account will show only the first 1000 results.

linkedin maximum result

Lucky you again, PhoneBot is able to exceed these limits with a simple hack. No need premium Linkedin account to contact the 66 000 CFO from New York. If you’re curious to know the hack, please read our article which explain to you how to exceed the limit of 1000 results on Linkedin.

4. Configure Your LinkedIn Mass Messaging Task

Once you’ll have your contacts you can send to them your message. You will have to configure your PhoneBot to do this task.

Log in on your PhoneBot account on PhoneBot.co and go to the menu on the right top corner My Account>Configure My PhoneBot. You’ll be redirected to the configuration page of your PhoneBot.

My account PhoneBot

The first thing to do is to select the number of smartphones you connect to your computer.

number of smartphones for mass message linkedin

For each smartphone connected, you need to fill their serial number field. PhoneBot needs to know which smartphone will do which task.

Serial number of smartphone for mass message linkedin
how to know serial number of Android smartphone

If you don’t know where to find the serial number of your Android smartphone, you need to go in the settings of your phone and scroll down to tap on “Advanced” then “About Phone”. Here is an animated gif to show you.

If you can’t find it, just make a search on Google about “Where is the serial number of my Android X Phone” where X is the version number of your Android. The Google Smartphone OS has different versions and the way to access the serial number of your smartphone can be different depending on the version number of your Android.

Linkedin username who will mass message linkedin

Check the checkbox Linkedin to show the Linkedin tasks and fill your Linkedin username (your “First name Last name”) in the username file.

A list of features will show up. Check the “Send message to contacts” box if you’d like to send a message to your LinkedIn contacts.

mass message linkedin feature

A new text area field will show up and you’ll notice that it provides the same particularities than “Send message for 1st connection”. Nevertheless, you’re allowed to write more characters and to include an URL. 

text message to send to linkedin users

You will notice 2 place holders {firstname} and {random_abc}. The first one will replace {firstname} by the first name of the contact you will message. It makes more personal your message. The second one is a great tool that lets you create various different messages with synonyms. For example, if you type  {random_abc:Hi|Hello|Good morning}, PhoneBot will replace this place holder by one of the 3 options you give. In this way, PhoneBot is able to create different various message and you will not be identified as a Spammer who copy-pastes the same exact text in the text message field area. In our example, Phonebot will sometimes write “Hi”, sometimes “Hello” and sometimes “Good morning”.

If you insert several {random_abc} in your message, PhoneBot will produce a lot of different messages and it will run under the Anti-Spam detection system.

Then you need to say to PhoneBot wich contacts you want to message. CEOs from Los Angeles? CFO from New York? Business developer from London? Trader from Paris? Go under the message text area and you will find another text area where you can add your list of keywords and location.

list of keywords Linkedin leads

There is a particularity in this field: you must provide the language speaking of first names. For example, if you add “CEO;Los Angeles; English”, PhoneBot will search in your contacts all the CEOs from Los Angeles with an English speaking first name. Why is this language string necessary? It is to exceed for free the limit of 1000 results displayed by Linkedin. You can know more about this hack here.

Finally don’t forget to save your configuration! 

save configuration of your automation marketing tool

That is all. Everything is now configured to send bulk messages on Linkedin.

5. Enable USB Debug Mode on Your Smartphone 

Before running PhoneBot, you need to connect your Android smartphone to the USB port of your computer. PhoneBot will take control of your smartphone through the USB cable but you need to allow your computer to control your smartphone. That is why it is important to enabling the USB to debug mode. It is very easy to do. It will take you just a few seconds but you need first to enable “Developer options” in order to show this “USB Debug” option.

Here is a very small video which shows you how to do that:

If you see on the screen of your Android smartphone a popup message asking you to allow your computer to have access through USB to your phone, click “Accept”. It is obvious, but we prefer to make it clear here for the ones who have doubts.

6. Run PhoneBot to Mass Message Your Contacts on LinkedIn

Everything is now ready for mass messaging on LinkedIn. To check if PhoneBot can recognize your smartphone, open your terminal (type cmd in windows search) and type this command (for Android smartphone only):

adb devices -l

If you see something on the list of smartphones connected, it is good. You can run PhoneBot. If you can’t see anything or see your phone with the word ‘unauthorized’, there is something wrong with the connection between your computer and your smartphone.

list of devices connected

If you accept to create a shortcut on your desktop during PhoneBot installation, make a right-click on it and run it as administrator. If there isn’t any shortcut you need to go to the installation folder of your PhoneBot and right-click on PhoneBot.exe and run as administrator.

Run PhoneBot as administrator

PhoneBot will go to the configuration details of your bot to know which tasks it needs to automate LinkedIn and then run the automation on your smartphone. Here in our case, it will send messages to your Linkedin contacts.

7. How to Scale PhoneBot to Send 750 Messages per Day to LinkedIn Users?

There are 2 possibilities to raise the number of messages sent per day :

  1. You buy other PhoneBot licenses: we said before you need 10 accounts to send 750 messages per day. Our Gold license allows you to connect 10 smartphones. That means you can automate 10 LinkedIn accounts. So you need to buy 5 Gold licenses to reach this number of 50 LinkedIn accounts. That means you will need 5 computers as you can’t connect more than 10 smartphones per computer.
  2. You develop an affiliate network: If you create an affiliate program for your products or services, you will work with affiliates. You can suggest them to invest in a PhoneBot Bronze license (for 1 smartphone) in order to automate their work or you can decide to pay for them these licenses. Imagine you manage to hire 100 affiliates who are automating mass messaging task in order to promote your own business. You could grow your activity very quickly!


After many years of Growth Hacking, we didn’t find any faster and cheaper way to mass message Linkedin than PhoneBot. It is the most effective marketing automation software in the world. The only way to be convinced is to try it for free. We have a 2 weeks trial period.

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How to mass message LinkedIn?
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