Reaching Out to Several TikTok Influencers at Once

When you aim at growing fast, you cannot disregard marketing your brand on the currently most downloaded app of the planet. TikTok has seen its audience grow exponentially in recent years to the point of becoming one of the most influential apps globally. If your business is targeting Millenials and the generation Z, TikTok is definitely the platform you need to exploit. 

Launched in 2016, the Chinese app gained a big audience in its first years (especially in Asia and the United States), reaching over 200 billion mobile downloads by 2020. The Covid pandemic accelerated this trend, putting the app at the top of the most downloaded apps in the early 2021. Lockdowns around the globe pushed people to explore other ways of expression, and TikTok’s recipe met the expectations of many.

One cannot question the charm of TikTok: the short-form videos app challenges the creativity of its members and provides them a fantastic podium to communicate with their public. With so many ways of expression and so many users interacting on a daily basis (1 billion monthly active users around the globe), you may have just found the perfect place to market your brand.

The Influencers Power

One of the strong suits of TikTok is that it provides its users the content they look for fast and simple. This content is presented as short videos that go from trending dances to political messages and tutorials. TikTok algorithms are made in such a way to satisfy the needs of their members: they are constantly getting the content they want to see and it never stops. With users in over 150 countries, businesses can really dig gold on this platform.

However, new businesses may have a hard time creating an audience. Devoted users have managed to create big audiences by communicating with people in particular ways. We could say that the market already has its leaders. Influencers know their audience and their industry. Moreover, they master the secrets for connecting with people and, as a result, they’ve grown to be even more influential than traditional celebrities.

Working with the right influencer can put your brand in front of a lot of people that may already be interested in what you’re offering. It’s up to you to find the proper influencer, the one whose content correlates with your product and business. If said influencer is a thought leader in the industry, then all the cards will be on your side. 

This tutorial will explain step by step how to contact numerous TikTok influencers at once. No need to copy and paste the same message hundreds of times. That’s the magic of social media automation.

1. The TikTok Account

Whether you’re using a new TikTok account or an old one, there shouldn’t be any difference in terms of the DM limit. TikTok doesn’t seem to apply any form of restriction to newcomers. The only restriction known in the platform is the minor’s activity. Recent changes have disabled the DM feature for users under 16. In other words, to be able to send direct messages the user must be at least 16 years old.

1.1 The DM Limit and Restrictions

There doesn’t seem to be a message limit per day. In any case, we always recommend being cautious and sticking to a reasonable amount of messages per day, so as to avoid triggering any spam alert.

However, there’s one restriction concerning direct messages. Unlike other platforms such as Facebook or Twitter, TikTok doesn’t allow the user to contact another member unless they’re friends. Furthermore, befriending a user isn’t as simple as in other social media. To become friends with a TikTok member, you have to follow them and simultaneously be followed by said user, otherwise your messages will never get to them.

Given this restriction, PhoneBot will first follow the user you’re trying to contact. Once the user follows you back, your message will be sent.

2. Prepare a List of TikTok Influencers 

The easiest way to define your targets is by performing a search on TikTok. All you need to do is search for a keyword related to your activity (or a hashtag linked to your industry).

Let’s suppose you’re in the coffee business. If you search for coffee, you will come across different results. Since you’re looking for influencers, make sure to filter the results by Accounts.

Now it’s just a matter of browsing the results and picking the accounts with the highest number of followers. For instance, the account on the image below could be a fantastic target (5.4 million followers).

You can also find TikTok influencers by performing a simple Google search. To do so, just type in your niche followed by “tiktok influencers”. If you take the previous example, you would look for “coffee tiktok influencers” and you will get the following results.

Finally, you could subscribe to Influencer Marketing platforms, and take advantange of their powerful search tools to find the best influencers in your niche. Nevertheless, those platforms aren’t free and may hurt your marketing budget.

Once you’ve identified the influencers of your niche, copy the URL of their accounts and paste them in a Google spreadsheet.

3. Configure PhoneBot to Mass DM TikTok Influencers

3.1 Download and Install PhoneBot on Your Computer

If you haven’t installed PhoneBot yet, you can test it for free. There is a guide that explains step by step how to install it and a video knowledge base that describes the process from scratch. Our community forum, the live chat, and our VIP ticket support are at your disposal to help you whenever necessary. You can also contact us by WhatsApp or phone at +33767371715, or by email at

3.2 Configure the “Send DM to TikTok Influencers” Task on PhoneBot

Once you have downloaded, installed and correctly activated the PhoneBot software on your computer, you need to create a campaign and configure the desired task.

Create a new campaign

You can pick any name you want. Remember that a campaign is composed of one or several tasks.

Name your campaign

Then choose the desired task. In this case, select “TikTok Influencers” under Influencers.

Another way to access the task is by using the left menu. There you will find all the tasks sorted by categories and platforms.

Make sure to choose the right task. If you accidentally click on the wrong one, you can unselect it at any time.


Once you land on the task page, you can start configuring all the details of the specific task.

As mentioned before, the message limit per day is a detail that should never be disregarded. We strongly recommend keeping to the PhoneBot limit of 20 messages per day.


There are two different methods to provide your targets.

The easiest and fastest way consists in a Google spreadsheet containing a list of keywords related to your niche. Just copy and paste the URL of the spreadsheet in the corresponding area. PhoneBot will then search for TikTok accounts with your keywords. Moreover, you can filter the targeted accounts by number of followers. Keep in mind that the more followers a influencer has, the more potential leads you could gain.

The most accurate way is the one we covered before. That is to say, a Google spreadsheet with the URLs of the targeted TikTok accounts. Just copy and paste the URL of the aforementioned spreadsheet in the corresponding field. In this case you don’t need to specify a minimum number of followers.


For this task, PhoneBot proposes only text messages, as TikTok doesn’t support voice messages. You must set a specific series (until reply or without interruption). Keep in mind that you can write up to 4 messages. Don’t forget that before sending any message, PhoneBot will first follow the influencers you’ve targeted. Once they follow you back, your message will be sent.

If you want to send just one message, fill in the first text field. To send only two, complete the first and second text fields, and so forth.

For further and more detailed information regarding the message customization, please refer to this tutorial.


Once you’ve created your messages, do not forget to save your configuration and enable your task.

Then, enable your campaign on the Campaigns page.

Enable Campaign

4. Run PhoneBot to Mass DM TikTok Influencers

To execute the campaigns, you need to use the PhoneBot software already installed on your Computer.

You can run your tasks from any of the first two tabs of the PhoneBot software (see image below). The first tab enables you to execute your whole campaign, which is to say, all the tasks configured in a particular campaign; whereas the second tab allows you to execute one specific task from a campaign. Make sure to choose the right campaign. Then just click on “Run”.

Run Campaign

For further and more detailed information on the campaign and task execution, please refer to this detailed tutorial.


If you were looking to set up a TikTok influencer marketing strategy, now you hold the key to success. There a thousands of influencers with millions of followers, picture just 1 % of all that universe looking at your brand. How many new leads can you gain? That’s the power of PhoneBot. Fast and simple.

Still not convinced? Sign up for free and test it yourself. Don’t wait and join the PhoneBot Generation.