Bulk DM Instagram Post Likers and Commenters


Since its launch, in October 2010, Instagram has seen its users grow exponentially. Today, the platform counts around one billion monthly active members. However wide and miscellaneous its users are, Instagram cannot compete with Facebook, as the latter remains the leading social media to any situation. As we know, Instagram is mainly pictures and videos (sometimes a little message here and there). This doesn’t mean the platform has no potential to help you increase your public. Future clients are everywhere and it’s up to you to get to them.

Just like Facebook groups, Instagram users tend to gather around subjects of interest. You can come across a page focused on Chinese food and you will find there hundreds of people craving for Spring Rolls or Szechwan Chilli Chicken. It’s that simple to find your potential clients.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could mass contact people liking or commenting on posts that are linked to your product or service? However, we are not encouraging you to go out there and start sending messages to users one by one. The beauty of mass contacting people is precisely being able to send a big amount of messages with one single action.

PhoneBot was specially designed to do so. Our software will help you reach all those users that are liking and commenting on Instagram posts that have to do with your niche. All in one click.

1. The Instagram Account

Before even considering mass contacting post likers and commenters on Instagram, you naturally need to create an Instagram account. If you already have an account, you can skip this part. Otherwise, sign up to Instagram keeping in mind that a freshly created account may not be as free as an old one when sending numerous messages to other users. Any suspicious activity can trigger the Instagram spam alert.

1.1 The Instagram DM Limit per Day

There isn’t really a consensus on the maximum number of DMs a user can send per day. Some studies agree that this number varies between 50 to a 100 for old accounts, while being limited to a maximum of 50 for new accounts. To reach a bigger audience, it will necessary to have more than one Instagram account.

PhoneBot recommends sticking to 15 messages per day for this task, so as to avoid any spam alert. The safety of your Instagram account comes first.

2. Create a List of Popular Instagram Posts

Perhaps the most annoying part of the enterprise. To target the right people, you need to identify the most suitable posts. We are not talking about quality (though quality would be ideal), but rather quantity of likes and comments. After all, you need to reach as many people as possible. Go on Instagram and start a search. Let’s pick a keyword related to your business. For instance, “pets”.

Choose an account from the results and assess its potential: number of posts, number of followers.

If the account passes the test, follow it. Then dive into their posts and pick the most popular one of the list. Now just copy and paste the URL of the post in a Google spreadsheet.

Continue the process for as many posts as possible in as many groups as you wish.

3. Configure PhoneBot to Mass Message Post Likers and Commenters on Instagram

3.1 Download and Install PhoneBot on Your Computer

If you haven’t installed PhoneBot yet, you can test it for free. There is a guide that explains step by step how to install it and a video knowledge base that describes the process from scratch. Our live chat is at your disposal to help you whenever necessary. You can also contact us by WhatsApp or phone at +33767371715, or by email at support@phonebot.co.

3.2 Configure the “Send DM to Instagram Post Likers and Commenters” Task on PhoneBot

Once you have downloaded, installed and correctly activated the PhoneBot software on your computer, you need to create a campaign and configure the desired task.

Create a new campaign

You can pick any name you want. Remember that a campaign is composed of one or several tasks.

Name your campaign

Then choose the desired task. In this case, select “Instagram Post Likers and Commenters” under Cold Messaging.

Another way to access the task is by using the left menu. There you will find all the tasks sorted by categories and platforms.

Make sure to choose the right task. If you accidentally click on the wrong one, you can unselect it at any time.


Once you land on the task page, you can start configuring all the details of the specific task.

As mentioned before, the message limit per day is a detail that should never be disregarded. We strongly recommend keeping to the PhoneBot limit of 15 messages per day.


Provide PhoneBot a Google spreadsheet containing the Instagram posts’ URLs. We have previously seen how to find popular post using the Instagram search tool. All you need to do is copy and paste the URL of your spreadsheet in the designated area.


PhoneBot proposes two types of messages: text and voice messages. In either case, you must set a specific series (until reply or without interruption). Keep in mind that you can write up to 4 messages.

Message type

If you want to send just one message, fill in the first text field. To send only two, complete the first and second text fields, and so forth.

Message text field

If you prefer to send a voice message, provide the URL of the MP3 file uploaded to Google drive. When creating your audio, keep in mind to start talking ten seconds after the launch of the registration. In others words, do not start speaking until the tenth or eleventh second.

Voice message

For further and more detailed information regarding the message customization, please refer to this tutorial.


Once you’ve created your messages, do not forget to save your configuration and enable your task.

Then, enable your campaign on the Campaigns page.

Enable Campaign

4. Run PhoneBot to Mass Message Post Likers and Commenters on Instagram

To execute the campaigns, you need to use the PhoneBot software already installed on your Computer.

You can run your tasks from any of the first two tabs of the PhoneBot software (see image below). The first tab enables you to execute your whole campaign, which is to say, all the tasks configured in a particular campaign; whereas the second tab allows you to execute one specific task from a campaign. Make sure to choose the right campaign. Then just click on “Run”.

Run Campaign

For further and more detailed information on the campaign and task execution, please refer to this detailed tutorial.


While people amuse themselves by watching photos and videos on Instagram, PhoneBot runs a powerful marketing strategy for you. Day after day hundreds of people will get your message, and you will inevitably gain potential clients.

Still not convinced? Sign up for free and test it yourself. Don’t wait and join the PhoneBot Generation.