Sending a Message to Multiple LinkedIn Group Admins at Once

If you are looking to enhance your LinkedIn marketing strategy, this tutorial is for you. LinkedIn has seen its subscribers grow exponentially in the last few years. Nowadays the platform counts around 310 million monthly active users. Unlike other platforms, LinkedIn was not conceived to chat with friends or share pictures or videos, but to build a personal brand or image, and create a professional network. In other words, LinkedIn is the social media for professionals and businesses.

Not everything is Facebook and Instagram. If you’re a business-to-business company, LinkedIn is the perfect place to start. Here you can interact with your customers on a different level. If you’re looking for partnerships, you should definitely try LinkedIn groups, as they congregate people in the same industry or with the same interests.

LinkedIn Groups Pros

Unlike Facebook groups, LinkedIn groups revolve around professional interests or common activities. Members share experiences and give advice. They look to build meaningful relationships that will naturally boost their careers or businesses. As a professional oriented social media, LinkedIn provides B2B companies a great environment to engage customers

If you feel your potential leads are wandering around in LinkedIn, you must not hesitate in implementing a LinkedIn marketing campaign. Just like in other platforms, the best way to connect with people are groups. Since users are already gathered around a particular interest or industry, you will just need to find those groups related to your niche.

However, contacting every single member of a group may not be a good strategy. It’s not only tedious, but ineffective in the long term. Instead, you should focus on the group admins, as they are better placed to speak to the audience and put your brand where it can be seen. The more admins you contact, the better chances you get of gaining new leads

This tutorial will show how to use PhoneBot to mass contact several LinkedIn group admins at once in some simple steps.

1. The LinkedIn Account

First things first: you obviously need a LinkedIn account. However, it needs to be an old account, as creating a new one for mass messaging on LinkedIn would be like playing with fire. Too risky to go through. If you prefer to use a new LinkedIn account, we recommend waiting at least three months from the account creation before going on with the automation.

Once you have created the account, you can use Buffer or Hootsuite to schedule the publishing of some posts. Like, comment and share other people’s posts as you would normally do. Make some connections and send some messages if you want, but in small amounts. 

Since PhoneBot will automate your smartphone, you can buy some cheap SIM card to verify your account by SMS. That way, LinkedIn will never question the authenticity of your account.

Your new profile must behave as a normal human being. After three months, you’ll be able to start your mass messaging campaign through PhoneBot.

2. Build a List of LinkedIn Groups

We are still in the preparation stage. In order to find some groups related to your activity or niche, make a simple search on LinkedIn. Type a keyword linked to your product or service. For the sake of this tutorial, let’s suppose your company is in the coffee business. We then look for coffee. Make sure to filter the results by groups, so as to get a view of all the groups containing your keyword.

Now it’s just a matter of choosing the groups with the highest number of members. Be patient, you may need to browse many groups to spot the right ones.

Once you have identified the groups, join them. Then copy the URL of the groups and paste them in a Google spreadsheet. Keep this document close to you, as PhoneBot will need it to execute your task.

2.1 The Invitation Limit per Day on LinkedIn

LinkedIn allows you to send as many invitations as you want. You can find this information in their help center. However, the platform won’t allow you to send a lot of invitations in a short period of time. Hence the need to limit the invitations per day. Don’t connect with 100 people in 15 minutes or you will probably see your account restricted temporarily.

linkedin restriction

That’s why our Marketing Automation Software will send 75 invitations maximum in a period of 8 hours. It will simulate real human behavior and by doing so, avoiding any Antispam detector. If you want to increase this daily limit with several LinkedIn accounts, you can automate several smartphones. If your goal is to send 1000 messages per day to 1000 post likers and commenters, you’ll need around 14 LinkedIn accounts.

3. Configure Your PhoneBot to Mass Contact Group Admins on LinkedIn

3.1 Download and Install PhoneBot on Your Computer

If you haven’t installed PhoneBot yet, you can test it for free. There is a guide that explains step by step how to install it and a video knowledge base that describes the process from scratch. Our live chat is at your disposal to help you whenever necessary. You can also contact us by WhatsApp or phone at +33767371715, or by email at

3.2 Configure the “Mass Contact LinkedIn Group Admins” Task on PhoneBot

Once you have downloaded, installed and correctly activated the PhoneBot software on your computer, you need to create a campaign and configure the desired task.

Create a new campaign

You can pick any name you want. Remember that a campaign is composed of one or several tasks.

Name your campaign

Then choose the desired task. In this case, select “LinkedIn Group Admins” under Influencers.

Another way to access the task is by using the left menu. There you will find all the tasks sorted by categories and platforms.

Make sure to choose the right task. If you accidentally click on the wrong one, you can unselect it at any time.


Once you land on the task page, you can start configuring all the details of the specific task.

As mentioned before, the invitation/message limit per day is a detail that should never be disregarded. We strongly recommend keeping to the PhoneBot limit of 75 invitations/messages per day.


Provide PhoneBot a Google spreadsheet containing the groups’ URLs. We have previously seen how to find groups related to your activity or niche on LinkedIn using the search tool. All you need to do is copy and paste the URL of your spreadsheet in the corresponding field.


In order to send a message to a LinkedIn user, you first need to have them in your contact list. In others words, before mass contacting LinkedIn group admins, you will have to mass invite them.

If you want to increase the chances of getting your invitation accepted, we highly recommend writing a short message with your invitation. As you know, there are 2 ways of making a connection with LinkedIn members:

  • A direct invitation with a custom message
  • A direct invitation without a custom message

A short message will give the impression you are not mass inviting everyone, as you took the time to write some words.

Once your invitation is accepted, your predefined message will be sent.


PhoneBot proposes two types of messages: text and voice messages. In either case, you must set a specific series (until reply or without interruption). Keep in mind that you can write up to 4 messages.

If you want to send just one message, fill in the first text field. To send only two, complete the first and second text fields, and so forth.

Message text field

If you prefer to send a voice message, provide the URL of the MP3 file uploaded to Google drive. When creating your audio, keep in mind to start talking ten seconds after the launch of the registration. In others words, do not start speaking until the tenth or eleventh second.

Voice message

For further and more detailed information regarding the message customization, please refer to this tutorial.


Once you’ve created your messages, do not forget to save your configuration and enable your task.

Then, enable your campaign on the Campaigns page.

Enable Campaign

4. Run PhoneBot to Mass Contact Group Admins on LinkedIn

To execute the campaigns, you need to use the PhoneBot software already installed on your Computer.

You can run your tasks from any of the first two tabs of the PhoneBot software (see image below). The first tab enables you to execute your whole campaign, which is to say, all the tasks configured in a particular campaign; whereas the second tab allows you to execute one specific task from a campaign. Make sure to choose the right campaign. Then just click on “Run”.

Run Campaign

For further and more detailed information on the campaign and task execution, please refer to this detailed tutorial.

5. How to Scale PhoneBot to Send 750 Messages per Day to LinkedIn Users?

There are 2 possibilities to increase the number of messages per day :

  • Buying another PhoneBot license 

As explained before, you need 10 accounts to send 750 messages per day. Our Gold license allows you to connect up to 10 smartphones. That means you can automate 10 LinkedIn accounts. You will need to buy 5 Gold licenses to reach 50 LinkedIn accounts. It also means you will need 5 computers, as you can’t connect more than 10 smartphones per computer.

  • Developing an affiliate network

If you create an affiliate program for your products or services, you will work with affiliates. You can ask them to invest in a PhoneBot Bronze license (for 1 smartphone) in order to automate their work, or you can buy them the license. Imagine you manage to hire 100 affiliates that will automate the mass messaging task to promote your business. That’s what rapid growth looks like!


Reaching potential leads was never so easy. Contacting LinkedIn group admins is a strategic move you cannot take for granted. That’s the push your brand needs to increase its presence and sales. With PhoneBot you can now connect with several group admins in one single click.

Still not convinced? Sign up for free and test it yourself. Don’t wait and join the PhoneBot Generation.