Would you like to bulk invite on LinkedIn? We will show you a super tool that will allow you to Mass invite people on LinkedIn.

You haven’t got enough budget for advertising on LinkedIn Ads and you can’t deliver your messages. So the first thing marketers do is to increase their number of contact by bulk invite Linkedin members. That is what you certainly thought and that is why you’re on this page, aren’t you?

This can take a long time to do it manually every day. So you are searching for some automation robot to do the job at your place. It exists some robots able to mass sending invitations on Linkedin. But be careful! LinkedIn can detect them by regularly updates its algorithm to block them and then block your account. In this tutorial, we will explain to you how to send a bulk Linkedin invitation with our super robot: PhoneBot.

Even with our amazing automation tool, you still need to limit the number of invitations. If you invite too many people in a short period of time, LinkedIn identifies you as a spammer and it will send you a warning message and then deactivate temporarily your capacity to invite people. And this Linkedin protection is even more important for a fresh new Linkedin account.

The first thing to do is to use an old LinkedIn account. 

If you create several fake LinkedIn accounts in order to scale your mass invitation campaign, you need to warm these new accounts before to mass invite. You need to start with a small number of invitations per day, and then we increase this number day after day. LinkedIn and other platforms have hardly fought against fake accounts

 LinkedIn will remove your new accounts freshly created if it notices that you are sending too many invitations in a short period of time; or if too many people ignored your invitation. 

When you create a new LinkedIn account, LinkedIn is putting your new account in some kind of “box”. Let’s call it a “Suspicious Account” box. We call that the « sandbox ». LinkedIn will study your account behavior to check if it is a robot or someone who tries to spam or promote massively something.

1. The warming period [For new account]

So I am very sorry to inform you about this rule. I know it can be painful to hear that you will have to wait at least 3 months before mass invite professionals from your new LinkedIn account. Moreover things are not so easy. But if your Linkedin account is old enough (more than 3 months), you can ignore this warming period.

You don’t have to create a fake account and wait 3 months, you have to create a fake account and make it look like a normal human being by publishing some posts, liking some posts of other users, commenting, and inviting just a few people, etc…. Let’s call this period of time the “Infiltration”! 

You can use tools like buffer and hootsuite to automate content publication on your LinkedIn account. Buffer has a free version which allows you to prepare until 10 posts in advance. 

As a spy or a cop undercover, you need to make think LinkedIn that you are a real human person with good intentions. So you will have to complete as much as possible the profiles of your fake LinkedIn accounts (profile picture, bio, studies, city, date of birth, etc…).

2. Prepare a list of keywords, locations & languages

In order to mass invite LinkedIn members, you need to make a list of keywords, locations, and languages which you will add in the configuration page of your PhoneBot. These parameters will allow you to find your potential future connections.

You are the only person who knows your leads and customers. You need to inform Your PhoneBot about your targets.

PhoneBot will type your keyword and location in the search field of your Linkedin application in order to display a list of people.

Why must you provide a language? Because PhoneBot needs this information in order to bypass some LinkedIn restrictions. You can read this article if you like to understand the reasons of this technic.

3. The Daily limit of inviting people on Linkedin

Linkedin allows you to send as many invitations as you want. They wrote it in their help center. But as we explained before in this post, LinkedIn will not allow you to send a lot of invitations in a short period of time. That is why you need to limit your number of invitations per day and you have to connect with a few people per hour. Don’t connect with 100 people in 15 minutes or you will probably see your account restricted temporarily.

linkedin account restricted for bulk invite

That is why our Marketing Automation Software will send 75 invitations maximum to people in a period of 8 hours. It will simulate real human behavior and in this way avoiding any Antispam Detector. And if you want to increase this daily limit with several LinkedIn accounts, you can automate several Smartphones. If your goal is to send 1000 messages per day to 1000 people, you’ll need about 13 LinkedIn accounts.

The riskiest, the most expensive and the most complicated way to automate the mass message

Before explaining to you the best way to automate the mass messaging on LinkedIn, we will explain to you the actual most common way that Growth Hackers use. You can use a software that you install on a Windows server, or you can use a cloud-based solution or a Browser extension

Browser extensions can be detected. The most famous chrome addon able to automate your LinkedIn was called “Linkedhelper”. It has been blocked by Linkedin in 2019. So we can consider browser addon solution as detectable. Then you can use the 2 other solutions local software and cloud solution.

If you install in your local computer an automation software and you plan to automate several fake LinkedIn accounts, you will need proxies or VPS.  Indeed, it will look suspicious than many people are using Linkedin at the same time from the same computer with the same IP. That is why this method can be expensive if you plan to scale your automation with 13 LinkedIn accounts like in our previous example. 

You can use 1 proxy for 3 LinkedIn accounts. That means you will have to pay for approximately 4 proxies if you plan to automate 13 accounts. Don’t even think about using free proxies, indeed they are blacklisted by LinkedIn.

This method can be also difficult for “non-technical” marketers because you need to configure the automation software for 13 accounts with 4 proxies. Everyone can’t do that.

And the most important point is the risk to be blocked by replying to your leads. Imagine you succeed to configure your software for 13 accounts with 4 proxies or VPS. Then you manage to send 1000 messages per day to LinkedIn contacts. You will have for sure some replies from these users. A lot of them will request you more information regarding your message or they will start discussing.

How would you reply in this particular case? Well, you can’t do anything else but log in to your VPS or/and then your software, finally to the appropriate LinkedIn accounts so as to reply from the same IP and same computer which were used to send the message. You can read more about this problem in our article “The Future of Social Networks Automation“. It is not really productive and efficient to answer your leads with this kind of method.

Cloud solution doesn’t need you to install anything on your computer, but you will have the exact same issues if you plan to scale automation with several Linkedin accounts.

The best way to mass message on LinkedIn is to use our automation tool “PhoneBot“. Again, we strongly recommend you to read our article to understand why it is the safest, cheapest, and most efficient method. Once you read it, everything will be clearer for you. There is also an embed video in the article.

4. Configure PhoneBot before bulk inviting people on LinkedIn

4.1 Number of smartphones

We will consider you have read our Manual Guide, installed PhoneBot on your computer, and have your Android smartphones connected to it (maximum 10). Then you need to log in to your account on PhoneBot and go to the configuration page of your bot. 

You have first to select the number of smartphones connected to your computer (between 1 and 10). Of course the more smartphones will be plugged the more LinkedIn mass message you can make. 

number of smartphones for linkedin bulk invite

4.2 Serial Number of smartphone

Then you have to fill the Identification Number field of each smartphone. PhoneBot needs to know which automation tasks to run on which smartphone.

Serial number of smartphone for linkedin bulk invite

4.3 Activate Linkedin bulk invite Feature

Then you have to activate LinkedIn automation (for each smartphone connected to your PC) by checking the box and fill your LinkedIn username (for each smartphone). Please open the screenshot (on the configuration page) to be sure to type the correct LinkedIn username.

activate linkedin bulk invite

4.4 List of keywords and location

Once you get your list you have to add it to PhoneBot. As we told you previously you need to provide keywords such as your partners/leads jobs, their locations, and their language.

List of keywords to target linkedin bulk invite

Why do you need to provide language information? Indeed PhoneBot will use some native tongue first name databases so as to find specific leads and collaborators without being limited. If you’d like to understand the reasons, please read our post “Unlimited search on Linkedin”.

Let’s give you some examples :

  1. For instance, if you indicate that you’re searching for CEOs based in Los Angeles and if you specify English, PhoneBot will use its English-speaking first names database so as to find CEOs based in L.A. who have these first names.
  2. if you indicate that you’re searching for CEOs based in Paris and if you specify french, PhoneBot will use its french-speaker first names database so as to find CEOs based in Paris who have these first names.

Linkedin list of results after search of leads

These specific first names databases are necessary to avoid some spam filters. Then PhoneBot will randomly pick up one of these lines every day in order to make a search and display a list of results of LinkedIn profiles.

4.5 The invitation message

If you want to give you all the chances to make accepted your invitation, we highly recommend you to join a short message with your invitation. As you know, there are 2 ways to make a connection with members on Linkedin:

  • Send direct invitation without any custom message
  • Send direct invitation without with a custom message

Linkedin members would appreciate you write a short message with your invitation. it demonstrates you are not mass sending invitation to everyone because you took the time to write a short message. You’ll get more people accepting your Linkedin invitation.

For this task, there is a new text area field that will show up wherein you’ll have to write a short message. Take care because links are not allowed in messages for 1rst connection (300 characters MAX) !!! 

You can use 2 placeholders: {firstname} and {random_abc} :

  • {firstname} will be replaced by the Linkedin first name of the user you want to send a mail to. 
  • {random_abc} gives you the possibility to create various messages with synonyms. PhoneBot will pickup randomly one of the 2 or 3 texts in order to create different messages and avoid spam filters.

e.g. :

{random_abc:Hi|Hello} {firstname},

I am searching for {random_abc:beta-testers|testers|early-adopters} for my newmarketing software.

{random_abc:Are you interested?|Would you accept to test itr?|Would you like to test?}

Text message for linkedin bulk invite

5. Run PhoneBot to mass linkedin bulk invite members

Everything is now ready for mass connecting with LinkedIn members. Before running PhoneBot, be sure you’ve plugged your smartphone on your computer with a USB cable (don’t forget to enable ‘Developer options’ and then activate ‘USB debugging’. Watch this video tutorial below).

To check if PhoneBot can recognize your smartphone, open your terminal (type cmd in windows search) and type this command (for Android smartphone only):

adb devices -l

If you see something on the list of smartphones connected, it is good. You can run PhoneBot. If you can’t see anything or see your phone with the word ‘unauthorized’, there is something wrong with the connection between your computer and your smartphone.

adb devices

If you accept to create a shortcut on your desktop during PhoneBot installation, make a right-click on it and run it as administrator. If there isn’t any shortcut you need to go to the installation folder of your PhoneBot and right-click on PhoneBot.exe and run as administrator.

Run Phonebot as administrator

PhoneBot will go to the configuration details of your bot to know which tasks it needs to automate LinkedIn and then run the automation on your smartphone.

How to scale PhoneBot and to send these 1 000 messages per day to LinkedIn users ?

There are 2 possibilities to raise the number of messages sent per day :

  1. You buy other PhoneBot licenses : we said before you need 13 accounts to send 1 000 messages per day. Our Gold license allows you to connect 10 smartphones. That means you can automate 13 LinkedIn accounts. So you need to buy 5 Gold licenses to reach this number of 50 Facebook accounts. That means you will need 5 computers as you can’t connect more than 10 smartphones per computer.
  2. You develop an affiliate network : If you create an affiliate program for your products or services, you will work with affiliates. You can suggest them to invest in a PhoneBot Bronze license (for 1 smartphone) in order to automate their work or you can decide to pay for them these licenses. Imagine you manage to hire 100 affiliates who are automating mass messaging task in order to promote your own business. You could grow your activity very quickly !


After years of Growth Hacking, we didn’t find any faster and cheaper way to bulk invite Linkedin members than PhoneBot. It is the most effective marketing automation software in the world. The only way to be convinced is to try it for free. We offer you a 2 weeks trial period (no credit card required).

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