It generates leads while you're sleeping.

Our automation software will go on social networks to mass message, auto/follow and scrap any targeted people you will define.​

Works only with Android

It is time to Seriously Hack your Growth! 

Send for FREE 1 000 messages per day to potential clients with 80% Open Rate! What else?

Send Messages

You can contact 2 Billions people on Social Networks with 80% open rates and All for FREE!

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You can scrap millions of contact details of qualified prospects for cold mailing or for your sales team.

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Auto Follow/Like

Boost your social profile & activity with automation tasks and Growth your Community!

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PhoneBot is THE new generation Super Bot!

Mega Scalable

You can plug 10 smartphones per license and purchase as many licenses as you want in order to scale your acquisition as much as you wish!

Unlimited Features

PhoneBot can automate Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter and Instagram for the moment. Tomorrow, it will be able to automate other applications like Google Map, Slack, Meetup and much more...


PhoneBot is undetectable because it automates your smartphone rather than your computer, it is not a browser add-on, it doesn't use any proxies, and it simulates human behavior as much as possible.

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Web Dashboard and Control Panel

Easy Configuration

Our super high-tech marketing bot is plug n play. You simply need to fill your credentials, select your target, write your message and click "Run".

Total Control of Activities

You will have different views and reports in order to let you know the activity of each bot at any time.

Check all the fantastic features of Phonebot.co

marketing automation facebook

Automate your Facebook Marketing with these tools:

  • Share a facebook post in groups
  • Send message to FB members of groups
  • Scrap profile details
  • Add friends the members of groups

Marketing Automation InstagramAutomate your Instagram Marketing with these tools:

  • Scrap profile details
  • Upload photo
  • Scrap emails
  • Send direct messages
  • Like pics of member

Marketing automation Linkedin

Automate your Linkedin Marketing with these tools:

  • ​Send direct message to contacts
  • Invite 1rst connexion + message
  • Scrap profil details

marketing automation twitter

Automate your Twitter Marketing with these tools:

  • Follow the followers of your competitor or an influencer
  • Unfollow your oldest 'followings'

automate google map scraping messaging

Automate Google map with these tools:

  • Scrap local businesses
  • Send messages to local businesses with Gmap messaging

mass messaging telegram

Automate Telegram:

  • Send messages to the members of groups

bukl mass sending sms

Automate SMS:

  • Bulk Send massive sms to a list of mobile phone numbers

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Once you’ll try PhoneBot, your activity will mathematically growth.

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