How to Post in Multiple Facebook Groups at Once

In this article, I will explain to you how to Auto Post in multiple Facebook groups with a Facebook Group Auto Poster.

Facebook impacted the Presidential US election of 2016. Some digital marketing agencies working for political parties were able to influence the election with an Advertising campaign on Facebook.

Since then, Mark Zuckerberg decided to update the algorithm of Facebook. The consequences for Facebook page owners were catastrophic. The reach of Facebook pages decreases a lot. Facebook is now focused on friends and communities rather than businesses.

Zuckerberg update algorithm facebook groups

That means than a post published on personal accounts or groups have much more reach than all the rest. So when you don’t have a lot of budget for advertising, publishing posts in Facebook groups can be a very nice way to promote your business for free.

There are millions of Facebook groups in almost all the niche of the world. As an entrepreneur or marketer, one of your goals in your social media strategy would be to share your content in targeted Facebook groups of your niche.

But this task can take you a lot of time. So growth hackers were always searching for some tools to automate this work. It did exist some tools like that, but they don’t work anymore. Luckily, you found this article where I will show you how to publish a post in multiple Facebook groups at once in automation with our amazing PhoneBot software. You will be able to automate the mass sharing content on multiple Facebook groups. PhoneBot has the “Facebook Group Auto Poster” feature and I will explain you how it works.

1. The targeted Facebook groups

The first thing you have to do is to make a list of the names of the Facebook groups where you would like to publish your content.

As you certainly know how to find some groups on Facebook, I will not go deeply in details of this task. You simply need to type the keywords of your niche on Facebook and filter the results by groups.

search facebook groups for Facebook Group Auto Poster

Once you get the list of results, you need to copy-paste the exact names of the Facebook groups without any spelling mistakes and by respecting the lower and upper case. You need to copy-paste the exact name with all the characters.

Then of course you need to join these Facebook groups. PhoneBot will not be able to auto-post in these Facebook groups if you are not a member of the groups.

You can for example open your notepad and copy-paste the names of Facebook groups (one per line).

names of facebook groups for Facebook Group Auto Poster

2. Prepare the post

PhoneBot will not share a post in Facebook groups, it will create the same post in Multiple Facebook groups of your choice.

So you need to prepare your post. You can write it in your notepad under your list of Facebook groups.

If you plan to publish several posts in these groups, you have to finish your post with 3 semi-columns: « ;;; ».

prepare post to share in multiple facebook groups for Facebook Group Auto Poster

PhoneBot is not able yet to upload a video or an image. But there is a link in your post, Facebook will automatically display the image of the page of your link.

3. Configure your PhoneBot

Now that you have everything ready for multiposting in Facebook groups at once (the list of Facebook groups and the posts), you can configure your PhoneBot to do the job.

We will consider you already downloaded and installed PhoneBot on your computer, and that you added your email and license key in your config.ini file located in the installation folder of your PhoneBot.

config_ini multipost in facebook groups

Login in and go to the top menu Configuration of your PhoneBot (opens in a new tab)”>My Account>Configuration of your PhoneBot. You will open the configuration page.

log in Phonebot

Select the number of smartphones connected to your computer.

Add the serial number of your phone. PhoneBot needs to know which smartphones do which tasks.

Check the Facebook box in order to activate facebook tasks. You’ll see the Facebook tab showing up where all the facebook options are displayed.

configure phonebot for Facebook Group Auto Poster

Fill the Facebook username field. PhoneBot needs to be sure to automate the appropriate Facebook account on the Facebook app installed on your smartphone.

Then you can check the box « share Facebook post » in order to enable the auto-post feature. You’ll see the « list of Facebook groups for sharing post » textarea and the « post to share in groups » textarea showing up.

add Facebook username and check box Auto post in Facebook groups

From your notepad (see previous steps) Copy-paste your list of groups in the textarea « list of groups » and copy-paste your posts in the textarea « post to share ».

copy paste facebook groups and posts

Then click on the « Save changes » button at the bottom.

save changes multipost facebook groups

4. Run PhoneBot for Facebook Group Auto Poster

Before running PhoneBot, be sure you plug your smartphone on your computer with a USB cable (don’t forget to enable ‘Developer options’ and then activate ‘USB debugging’. See this video tutorial).

To verify that PhoneBot will see your smartphone, open your terminal (type cmd in windows search) and type this command (for Android smartphone only):

adb devices -l

If you see something on the list of smartphones connected, it is good. You can run PhoneBot. If you don’t see anything or you see your phone with the word ‘unauthorized’, there is something wrong with the connection between your computer and your smartphone.

See your Android smartphone connected to your computer

If you accept to create a shortcut on your desktop during the PhoneBot installation, you make a right-click on it and run as administrator. If there isn’t a shortcut, you need to go to the installation folder of your PhoneBot and right-click on PhoneBot.exe and run as administrator.

run PhoneBot as administrator

PhoneBot will go to the configuration details of your bot to know which tasks it needs to automate and then run the automation on your smartphone. Herewith the configuration we’ve just set up, it will run the task of Facebook Group Auto Poster.

Conclusion of this Facebook Group Auto Poster tool

As PhoneBot has black belt of Ninjutsu, it will take its time to fo the job. If it would go too fast, Facebook would detect your automation activity and block your account.

Mass posting on multiple facebook groups as once as a NInja

What is particularly amazing with PhoneBot, is you will be able to reply through your smartphone to the people who commented on your post. No need to login to your VPS or to your software running with proxies. You take the phone, open the app, and reply to them directly! That is all.

If you still didn’t purchase your PhoneBot license, give it a try for free with the 2 weeks free trial. It is free, why not to try?

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Facebook Group Auto Poster : How to Post in Multiple Facebook Groups at Once
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