Auto-Comment on Multiple Facebook Posts in One Click

If you want to increase your brand’s exposure, but you don’t have enough budget to achieve it, this tutorial is made for you. A comment displayed in the right place may catch the attention of potential prospects. Leaving a comment on some posts could give your brand the right exposure to gain new clients. Naturally, you must target posts related to your niche. This tutorial will explain how to auto-comment on Facebook posts in some simple steps.

Commenting on posts is a necessary effort for any company. A comment not only shows that a brand is active but also that is committed. It shows that beyond numbers, the company cares about nurturing a personal relationship. As a result, customer loyalty increases.

For this task, you won’t need to look for groups or posts, rather define some keywords. Keep on reading to learn how to bulk comment on several Facebook posts using the PhoneBot technology.

1. Prepare a List of Keywords, and Comments

All you need to do to define your targets is establish some keywords related to your niche. If you cannot come up with keywords linked to your industry, do a simple Google search to find suitable words. 

Once you’ve defined your keywords, write them up in a Google spreadsheet. Do not forget to separate each keyword with a semicolon. In the same file, and next to the keywords, type in the comment you want to publish. Take the image below as an example. The first row would be for a company in the coffee industry. The second, is for a brand that sells pet clothing.

list of keywords for auto comment facebook task

2. Configure PhoneBot to Auto-Comment on Multiple Posts

2.1 Download and Install PhoneBot on Your Computer

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2.2 Configure the “Auto-Comment on Multiple Posts” Task on PhoneBot

Once you have downloaded, installed, and correctly activated the PhoneBot software on your computer, you need to create a campaign and configure the desired task.

Create a new campaign mass message Instagram influencer

You can pick any name you want. Remember that a campaign is composed of one or several tasks.

Name your campaign bulk message Instagram influencer

Then choose the desired task. In this case, select “Facebook Comment Some Posts” under Authority.

auto comment facebook

Another way to access the task is by using the left menu. There you will find all the tasks sorted by categories and platforms.

auto comment facebook

Make sure to choose the right task. If you accidentally click on the wrong one, you can unselect it at any time.

auto comment facebook


Once you land on the task page, you can start configuring all the details of the specific task.

We are committed to the protection of your Facebook account. To avoid triggering any spam alert, we strongly recommend keeping to the PhoneBot limit of 20 comments per day.


Provide PhoneBot a Google spreadsheet containing the keywords, and the comment or comments you want to publish. Do not forget to separate your keywords with a semicolon. We have previously seen how to find suitable keywords depending on your niche. All you need to do is copy and paste the URL of your spreadsheet in the corresponding field.

list of keywords auto comment facebook


Once you’ve created your messages, do not forget to save your configuration and enable your task.

enable auto comment facebook task

Then, enable your campaign on the Campaigns page.

Enable Campaign

3. Run PhoneBot to Auto-Comment on Multiple Posts

To execute the campaigns, you need to use the PhoneBot software already installed on your Computer.

You can run your tasks from any of the first two tabs of the PhoneBot software (see image below). The first tab enables you to execute your whole campaign, which is to say, all the tasks configured in a particular campaign; whereas the second tab allows you to execute one specific task from a campaign. Make sure to choose the right campaign and device (this task can only be performed on a computer). Then just click on “Run”.

Run Campaign

For further and more detailed information on the campaign and task execution, please refer to this detailed tutorial.


The PhoneBot technology makes auto-commenting on posts as easy as opening a door. Define some keywords, create a comment, and your brand will be placed where your potential clients hang out. Take a look at our other tutorials to discover all the possibilities PhoneBot offers.  

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